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Pythagoras and Plato both believed in reincarnation

I just learned that both Pythagoras and Plato, ancient Greek philosophers, believed in reincarnation.

Indeed, according to an excerpt from the What’s Life after Death website, Pythagoras could remember some of his past lives. Pythagoras, who lived from 575 B.C.E. to  495 B.C.E., is especially remembered for the Pythagorean Theorum which says that the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares on the other sides for a triangle containing a right angle (90 degree angle).

 Among the ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates, Pythagoras and Plato are considered among those who made the subject of rebirth and life after death a steady part of their teachings. They even claim to have gone through a near death experience. In his last days, Socrates said, “I firmly believe that there is life after death” and that “Life emerges from death itself”. Pythagoras claimed with full confidence that he had memories of his previous birth and Plato described the topic of rebirths and previous births in a number of his works. Various religions, like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc, despite being practiced by different people in different geographical areas accept the existence of life after death in one way or the other. Most of these religions and philosophers relate rebirth with the deeds of a person in his previous birth. A person doing good for others and attaining knowledge is considered to take birth as a better species and finally gets free from the cycle of life and death whereas a person who is involved in wrongdoings and sinful activities, the one who leads a selfish life getting immersed in physical desire and material things takes birth again and again in this mortal world.

A Mysterious Journey

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Evening event in Nanaimo, BC: Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Fifth Root Race

On Thursday, April 19th, 70 people gathered at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, to hear Carol Chapman speak about “Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Fifth Root Race.” The Nanaimo Metaphysical Network sponsored the event.

At the by-donation event, Carol shared information on the history of the soul’s connection with the physical on earth. Multiple individuals (Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, the Hopi, Maya, and the Hindus) talk about humans progressing through root races and/or previous worlds. The story of the root races goes beyond reincarnation. During the event, Carol explored this interesting topic and included additional information she received through hypnosis about the root races, for example, why humans suffer, why death is the new thing in our soul’s journey, and what to expect from the fifth root race
Some of the things people liked best about this event are:

“The five-door meditation.”

“The simplicity of this explanation.”

“The topic, the information/knowledge of the speaker.”

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Fifth Root Race Story will be presented in Nanaimo, British Columbia

I enjoy speaking about the root races, which I will be doing in Nanaimo, British Columbia at the Nanaimo Metaphysical Network on Thursday, April 19th. The speech is called, “Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Fifth Root Race.”

If you’re wondering what the root races are, they are the step-by-step progression from a soul that can freely move around the whole universe to a soul that is bounded by the physical on earth.

According to possibly the best-documented psychic on earth, Edgar Cayce, our souls were not yet bound by the reincarnation cycle during the time we incarnated in Atlantis. We were a “thought people.”

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Reduce Stress: Reincarnate as a Cat!

This is cute: an article spoofing reincarnation at Spooftimes. The article, Doctors Say Reincarnation as a Cat Reduces Stress by 98%, says that people can feel better by choosing to reincarnate as a cat so they won’t have to worry about paying bills, etc. And, if a person is not yet ready to pass on, he or she can instead pay $120 per “Feline Meditation” session. Cute.

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Lord of the Rings Past Lives

I saw Peter Jackson’s marvelous Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, again last night and wondered how much of our resonance with the J.R.R. Tolkien story comes from past life memories of our time during the Middle Ages. But also, with the immortal elves and the evil orcs, I wonder if our fascination with the Trilogy of the Rings harkens even further back to the time when we were immortal, during the time before death when we were in Atlantis.

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Woman Confirms Memory of Past Life

Jenny Cockell, who lives in England, began to have past life memories before the age of four. Her most vivid reincarnation memory had to do with being a woman in Ireland who died in 1930 shortly after giving birth to her eighth child.  

“I started talking about these memories before I turned four and I thought it was what everyone experienced,” she says. “I had tiny fragments of dozens and dozens of memories but there were four past lives that came through the strongest and the memories of Mary were the strongest ones of all.”

I was a mother-of-eight in a past life — and I tracked down the children – Lifestyle, Frontpage –

Jenny went to Ireland, found the ruins of the house where she had lived in her past life, and located those of her children who were still living.

Carol Chapman

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Angels or Aliens

Recently I received an email from a reader and friend who said that she has been uncertain whether aliens are angels.

This is the way I see it: They are definitely different. Here’s why:

Since I remember being an alien/Light Being/Citizen of the Universe, I believe we are all what I call droplets of light which emanate from the Creator. It is our purpose to explore the Universe and bring back information to the Creator of the Creator’s creations. I talked about this in my book, When We Were Gods.

In When We Were Gods, I also talked about my encounters, during past life regression, with archangels. They are different than us droplets of light. They have a different purpose than ours. They do not explore the Universe. Neither do they “fall” into different worlds in the course of their explorations.



Carol Chapman —

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