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In the Weird Zone

OK, I realize that what I wrote yesterday:

And, in fact, since I remember that my soul or Light Being is from Arcturus that means that you could technically call me an alien or else it just could be that we are all aliens.

Carol Chapman —

is definitely in the “Weird Zone.”

Therefore, I don’t want you to think that I go around totally immersed in thinking about all of us being aliens. As a matter of fact, I spend a lot of my time thinking about cooking supper, getting groceries, putting gas in the car, how are my friends and family doing – that kind of very normal stuff.

However, I do look at us in a very different way than most people do, which is that we are all inherently and in our essence Light Beings made in the image of the Creator. And, it is this Light Being or soul that lives forever.

Our physical self is an evolved animal with which our Light Being or soul has a relationship during the time the human animal is alive. Then, the Light Being or soul has a relationship with a another human animal at its birth for another life cycle. That’s reincarnation.

Carol Chapman

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Edgar Cayce on the Soul in the Universe —

 I mentioned the following earlier today:

Here on earth, the physical bodies our souls (or Light Beings) presently mix with are human bodies.

Carol Chapman —

In some Edgar Cayce psychic reading, I remember seeing something that said that since the Earth is a three dimensional world, we are three dimensional beings here. However, if we were in a six dimensional world, we would be six dimensional beings.

In that or another reading, Cayce also said something to the effect that if our souls were able to become free of the earth (and free of the reincarnation cycle), we would have to be careful not to fall into another physical world and this one might be six (or four or five or whatever) dimensional rather than the three dimensional earth we are presently so familiar with.

From this, I conclude that we are citizens of the universe. And, that aliens are like us in that we are all citizens of the universe. And, in fact, since I remember that my soul or Light Being is from Arcturus that means that you could technically call me an alien or else it just could be that we are all aliens.

Carol Chapman

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Is the Soul a Light Being? —

 Yesterday I wrote:

Because I have past life memories of being a Light Being with an entirely vibrational body

Carol Chapman —

I believe our Light Being vibrational body is what we call the soul which is connected with the universal pattern of spirit. Our soul lives on forever and mixes with physical bodies. Here on earth, the physical bodies our souls (or Light Beings) presently mix with are human bodies. It’s what we call reincarnation.

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Are We Literally Citizens of the Universe?

Because I have past life memories of being a Light Being with an entirely vibrational body from another star system – Arcturus – I wonder if perhaps we are all, in our essence, Light Beings with totally vibrational bodies.  When we are not connected with a physical world, such as Earth and the Solar System, and not in a physical body such as the human body, maybe we can roam the Universe and are actually, quite literally, Citizens of the Universe.

Carol Chapman —

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Reincarnation in the NHL!

How do you like that, a Montreal Canadiens hockey player who believes in reincarnation and remembers one of his past lives. Here’s an excerpt from the Toronto newspaper, the Globe and Mail:

To say nothing of the deeply bizarre Gilles Gratton, who claimed to be the reincarnation of a Spanish conquistador and once pulled himself from a game because the stars were improperly aligned. Cool, Calm, Carey

It appears that Monsieur Gratton also consults astrology! I can relate to that!

Carol Chapman

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How to Connect with Past Life Memories without Hypnosis

Because my memories of Atlantis surfaced during past life regression, it seems as if the main way a person can access their past life memories is through hypnosis. However, I have also remembered certain past lives through vivid dreams and through feelings of familiarity with certain people or or the desire to travel to certain countries.

Following, please find a list of 10 clues that can alert you to your past lives. It’s a list put together by Dr. Georgina Cannon, a hypnotherapist who has regressed 1000’s of individuals. 

These 10 Clues Can Reveal Our Past Life Identity:

1. A deep attraction to certain subjects in school?
2. A feeling as a child of being from somewhere else?
3. An attraction to certain games such as model planes, playing war, teacher, cowboys and Indians?
4. A deep attraction to a certain period of history?
5. A natural skill that came from early on in life?
6. An early awareness of pre-destined life path?
7. Unexplained fears of water, heights or other?
8. An instant affinity with someone that seemed to come out of nowhere?
9. An instant repulsion to certain cultures or people?
10. A strong pull to travel to a certain country?

How to Discover the Interlife Through Hypnosis | Think Article

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Reincarnation Past Life Memory of Holocaust

I feel grateful to have found this post because I, too, have remembered being in a concentration camp during the holocaust. Unlike Melissa Kitto, I was a mature adult. However, in my memory, I felt very sad for the children in the camp. I had had a full life and had raised a family who were now adults. I felt sad and afraid for the children in the camp – afraid that they would die before they lived a full life. 

Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List meant so much to me because I got to see that some of the children did survive.   

Then I experienced a past life regression technique. I remembered my most recent lifetime. I was a Jew in hiding during the holocaust. I was just a child at the time, and my family and I moved to two or three different hiding places during the war. A family friend who we thought could be trusted separated my brother and I from my parents and due to his carelessness we were captured and taken to a concentration camp.

Past Lives? Discover Yours « Articles Page

My past life memory did not occur during a past life regression but during a pressure point massage. Body therapists, such as masseuses, chiropractors, physical therapists and osteopaths know that a patient may spontaneously remember an incident during therapy. The incident may be from their childhood or from a past life.

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Country Singer Reba McEntire believes in Reincarnation!

How do you like that? Reba McEntire believes she’s been born again and she doesn’t mean “born again” in the religious sense. She means reincarnation.

Country queen Reba McEntire has stunned her legions of devout Christian fans by revealing she believes in reincarnation.

In an interview with country news website, the flame-haired singer insists she’s been a man in a previous life and she has known her son Shelby before.

Reba McEntire: ‘I’m Born Again’ – Starpulse Entertainment News Blog

Will her “born again” fans be able to stick by her?

It may turn out that many of them secretly believe in reincarnation as well!

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Reincarnation Investigation with the Cast of ‘The Medium at Large’

 Here is another delightful reincarnation story about a play, The Medium at Large written by best-selling author Julia Cameron (The Artists Way):

When members of The Medium at Large cast questioned Asher about their past lives, they discovered that several of them had worked together in ancient Greek theater, and that most of the ensemble had worked together on an old sailing ship. “Their lives had depended on each other,” said Stefanic.

Channel surfing with ‘The Medium’

The cast of The Medium at Large consulted medium Mary Louise Stefanic. She says that she enters a meditative trance so that she can be a spiritual channel allowing Asher, a group of “spirits who no longer occupy a physical body,” to communicate with the living.

Carl Occipinti, artistic director of the Village Players, who are presenting The Medium at Large in Oak Park, Illinois, engaged the medium to acquaint the actors with the sacredness of the world of spiritual medium.  

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North American Indians Believe in Reincarnation

I didn’t know that Native North Americans had a tradition of belief in reincarnation. However, that’s what a research paper from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln describes.  

Amerindian Rebirth is both a major collection of essays and probably the best current reference work on Native North American beliefs about reincarnation.

DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska – Lincoln | Review of Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief Among North American Indians and Inuit edited by Antonia Mills and Richard Slobodin

Unfortunately, although the summary contains what appears to be a link to download the article, the link is not live. Therefore, I could only see the summary which says that most of the research of the Native American beliefs on reincarnation were conducted on mainly West Coast peoples focusing mainly on the arctic, western subarctic, and Pacific Northwest.

I would imagine this would be a very interesting and well-worth-reading paper!

Carol Chapman

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