The Agreement with Nature in Atlantis

The agreement with nature in Atlantis created a different world than we know today. In Atlantis, we worked in harmony with nature.

However, it’s difficult to understand our agreement with nature from our present point of view, as human beings. Now, we approach nature from the outside. We manipulate nature. In Atlantis, we approached nature from the inside. We communicated with it, and it worked with us. We had a lovely, productive relationship.

TIME STAMPS for the Video: The Agreement with Nature in Atlantis

00:00 The Agreement with Nature in Atlantis
01:00 In Atlantis we lived in trees.
02:03 Everything was so different in Atlantis.
03:22 We talked in image bundles.
04:21 A friendly exchange with the tree.
07:31 Not only with trees, also with animals such as cats.

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