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When Is a Dream Symbol Real?

When is a dream symbol real? Very seldom. Most of the time, the images, events, and people in your dreams merely represent something else. For example, a bridge in a dream can symbolize a decision.

However, every once in a while, the images, events, and people in your dream refer to something real. In fact, my Bridge Dream Playlist (see below) and this article originated in a dream.

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What Does It Mean if You Dream about Crossing a Bridge

What does it mean if you dream about crossing a bridge? Many people write to me with their bridge dreams. As a result, I’ve made ten videos about bridge dreams. Why ten? Because there’s much more to a bridge dream than the bridge. There’s also the water, the sky, and the land. In addition, there’s the bridge itself. Is it concrete, wooden, broken,  or shaking? Does the dreamer make it across the bridge in the dream? I’ve put the ten videos together in a YouTube Playlist, which you can access below.

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Archaeologists and the Lost City of Atlantis

Archaeologists and the lost city of Atlantis might not seem to mix. That’s because archeologists look for evidence of human beings. However, in Atlantis, we weren’t human. Indeed, in the past life regression memories of Atlantis, we were gods and goddesses, thought beings, light beings, and demigods. In my next series of videos, I’ll explore ancient ruin sites that show evidence of these unusual beings from Atlantis.

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Where Did You Live in Your Past Life?

Where did you live in your past life? Find Your Past Lives Using Clues from Your Present Life Episode 2 . In this quiz video, I’ll first ask you where did you always wanted to visit. Then, you’ll receive ten suggested places you might feel drawn to. Finally, you’ll discover possible past lives you might have had based on your destination choices.

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