Where Did You Live in Your Past Life?

Where did you live in your past life? Find Your Past Lives Using Clues from Your Present Life Episode 2 . In this quiz video, I’ll first ask you where did you always wanted to visit. Then, you’ll receive ten suggested places you might feel drawn to. Finally, you’ll discover possible past lives you might have had based on your destination choices.

In the first part of the video, choose which popular places resonate with you. In the second part of the video, discover what past life you might have had based on what you chose.

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Carol Anne Chapman is the author of When We Were Gods, a chronicle of her past life memories of the amazing world of Atlantis. Available at: https://amzn.to/38aAf7R

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00:00 Where did I live in my past life?
00:24 Somewhere you needed to be
01:19 10 most popular destinations
06:17 Did any one of these places feel familiar? Note it.
06:21 What you could have been in a past life
16:46 Please share what you discovered


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