The Pharaoh’s Headdress and Ancient Egyptian Gods

The Pharaoh’s Headdress and ancient Egyptian Gods. Why did the pharaohs use such a strange-looking headdress? A cloth with alternating dark and light stripes, plus a serpent on the forehead. Could it have been because of the mystical origins of the ancient Egyptian Gods?

Discover a surprising origin for the Pharaoh’s Headdress in the video below:

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TIME STAMPS for the Video: The Pharaoh’s Headdress and Ancient Egyptian Gods

00:00 The Pharaoh’s Headdress and Ancient Egyptian Gods
00:45 The serpent on the forehead
01:42 Past life memories at the beginning of Egypt
02:14 Similar images in the paintings in the pharaoh’s tombs
02:43 A goddess in Atlantis knew she was a Light Being
03:16 One of my scariest memories of Atlantis
03:48 Atlantis was breaking up with earthquakes
04:25 How the pharaoh’s headdress emulates the Atlantean gods
05:51 We are still Light Beings today
06:35 We were building the pyramids in Egypt


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Relief from the Sanctuary of Khonsu Temple in the Precinct of Amun-Re at Karnak Temple, Author: Asavaa
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