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Archaeologists and the Lost City of Atlantis

Archaeologists and the lost city of Atlantis might not seem to mix. That’s because archeologists look for evidence of human beings. However, in Atlantis, we weren’t human. Indeed, in the past life regression memories of Atlantis, we were gods and goddesses, thought beings, light beings, and demigods. In my next series of videos, I’ll explore ancient ruin sites that show evidence of these unusual beings from Atlantis.

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Can humans reincarnation as animals? Do you think transmigration is weird? That’s when you reincarnate into an animal body instead of into a human body. Well, I think it’s weird. Or, anyway, I thought it was weird, until I realized that I had past life memories of having been a frog in Atlantis. In this video, I reveal reincarnation stories and the connection between transmigration and myth.

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Past Life Memories of Atlantis: An Alien on Earth

Past Life Memories of Atlantis include a first experience on earth as a Light Being Alien, building the Great Pyramid, and “falling into the serpent’s mouth.” Travel to Egyptian and Mayan ruins unearths images that confirm the memories.

You’ll see how the various types of videos on this blog site—from Dream Interpretation, to Working with Nature Spirits, to Atlantis Past Life Memories, to paintings in the pharaohs’ tombs, to the feathered serpent in Mayan ruins–fit together in an understanding of the exploits of a Light Being (Alien)’s exploits on earth. It all leads to an understanding of a different reality.

If any of this video resonates with your experiences, past life memories, dreams, or gut feelings, please comment in the section below. Do you think we were once Light Beings or aliens? Do you feel as if you’re one of the Golden Ones? Have you had an amazing dream that came true? I’d love to hear from you.

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