Can humans reincarnation as animals? Do you think transmigration is weird? That’s when you reincarnate into an animal body instead of into a human body. Well, I think it’s weird. Or, anyway, I thought it was weird, until I realized that I had past life memories of having been a frog in Atlantis. In this video, I reveal reincarnation stories and the connection between transmigration and myth.

This is a GOLDEN ONES Atlantis video. In it, I discuss transmigration, reincarnation, and past life stories of Atlantis.


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00:00 Transmigration, REINCARNATION, and Past Life Memories of ATLANTIS – a GOLDEN ONES ATLANTIS Video
00:32 The Golden Ones decided, in Atlantis, to reincarnate now to bring in a new world 01:46 Transmigration explained
02:23 Many people have heard of reincarnation and may even have past life memories or a feeling of a previous lifetime
05:16 Two stories of transmigration memories, as a mermaid and a frog being
06:50 Myths of talking animals might be ancestral memories of transmigration


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Carol Anne Chapman is the author of When We Were Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Hearts Desire. She met her husband first in a dream. Formerly the media photojournalist at a NASA center, she presently provides online guidance on such topics as dream interpretation, the Golden Ones, and past life memories at She has been featured on Coast- to-Coast AM hosted by George Noory and Art Bell as well as CBS radio's Kimmie and Steve and The Maria Shaw Show. Her articles have been published in Venture Inward, Alternative Perceptions, Dream Network, The Open Road, and FATE Magazine.

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