FLOWERS with VEGGIES in Containers

Flowers with Veggies in Containers. You don’t need to restrict your vegetable garden only to veggies. You can also grow flowers among the vegetables. In addition, even if you have a container garden or a balcony garden, you can still grow flowers and vegetables together.

You can choose edible flowers and also companion plants with beautiful blooms to protect your vegetables from pests. Check out the video below for more.

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Humorous Past Life Story. My husband, John, decides to add his own past life memories to my collection of reincarnation stories. Of course, you have to understand, that he has a great sense of humor. In addition, he is literally the man of my dreams – I met him first in a dream, went up to him, a stranger, explained the dream, and discovered it described his life accurately. So, he’s known, right from the beginning of our relationship, that unusual things happen to me.

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Why WALK in SNOW – Why HIKE in the WINTER

Why walk in snow? Because, when you hike in the winter, you don’t get bit by a tick. You don’t get Lyme Disease! Or, for that matter, no mosquito, wasp, or bee stings. Plus, although I don’t mention it in the video, you won’t have to deal with snakes or bears. They’re hibernating. In my humble opinion, walking in the woods in the winter is the best time!

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Don’t Get BIT by a TICK

Don’t get bit by a tick! The great thing about walking in the woods in winter is that you don’t have to worry about insect bitesno tick bites, no mosquito bites, no bee or wasp stings. It’s my favorite time, because I got Lyme disease from a tick bite a couple of years ago. As a result, I’m extra paranoid when I go hiking in the woods. But when snow covers the ground, no bug can getcha! Yay!

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If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind? Quote in 30 Seconds

If Winter comes Can Spring be far behind? This famous quote, “If Winter comes, Can Spring be far behind?” comes from the poem, Ode to the West Wind, by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). It awakens in us more than just the reminder that after winter comes spring. It also brings us hope in the midst of adversity that our present difficulties will inevitably be over. In addition, it shows us that, in the past, we have had other problems, and we also made it through those hardships. We can prevail again. 

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Behind the Scenes Making an OUTDOOR VIDEO

Behind the scenes making an outdoor video. Included, you’ll discover behind the scenes making a video in snow and the “how to” problem to avoid when shooting Youtube videos outside with iPhone, especially if you’re shooting on a pier over water. The great thing about shooting iPhone video for Youtube outside is that, as you’ll see, the iPhone is pretty invincible.

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Why I DON’T GIVE UP with YOUTUBE! Even with Wonky Software!

Why I don’t give up with YouTube! Yesterday, my video editing software became wonky software. All the work I did yesterday simply disappeared. I felt so scared and frustrated. I wanted to give up. Then, this morning, I had a comment from someone saying, please keep uploading your videos, they’re just great. That means so much to me! You just never know when it’s going to really, really, really matter. So, I have a huge appreciation for Likes and Subscribes and Comments. I don’t give up because of you – the people who watch my videos and visit my channel. Thank you so much!

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