Dream Interpretation Gray Overcast Sky

Dream Interpretation Gray Overcast Sky – what does it mean when you dream of a grey overcast sky? Well, to begin, when you have a dream that emphasizes the sky, that dream concerns itself with your thoughts. Unlike a dream that emphasizes water, which often symbolizes your emotions, the type of emotions a sky dream portrays would have to do with the more mental emotions of hope and aspirations. Water dreams, on the other hand, deal more with the visceral body emotions, such as anger, calmness, and feeling overwhelmed. In the video below, I specifically deal with the meaning of a gray overcast sky dream.

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Dreaming of Beach Sand – What does it mean?

Dreaming of Beach Sand? – what does it mean? In a dream, sand usually symbolizes impermanence or something temporary. So, if you dream about a house built on the sand, or a bridge arising out of a sandy beach, it will represent something you can’t depend upon or something changing. There’s even that saying, “shifting sands.”

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What Does It Mean to Dream About a Cement Bridge?

What DOES it mean to dream about a cement bridge? In the video below, I first explain the three most common interpretations of a bridge in a dream. To begin, unless you work with, live on, design, or construct bridges in your waking life, your dream is likely not about a real bridge. Most often, the meaning of a bridge dream has to do with the bridge’s symbolic meaning.

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What Does Mother Mary Have to Do with Atlantis and Ancient Aliens?

What does Mother Mary have to do with Atlantis and ancient aliens? In the video below, I describe my past life memories of the time of Atlantis, when I had come to earth as a totally vibrational alien or Light Being from the star system of Arcturus. We came to rescue members of our civilization who had become lost on earth.

When we became stuck on this planet as well, our leader the Christ Consciousness came to earth to free us. The female aspect of this amazingly loving and accepting energy has become known as Mother Mary. Interestingly, she appears in Light Being form throughout the earth as the Apparition of the Virgin Mary.

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