What Does LAND Mean in a BRIDGE Dream?

What does land mean in a bridge dream? With sky and water, the land adds to the meaning of a bridge dream. It provides the down-to-earth, practical information that makes the dream interpretation easier. The video, below, explores how different types of land clarify the bridge dream meaning. You’ll find the meaning of a dream bridge that connects to a big city, to a small town, to a forest, to a mountain, and many more.

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What Does WATER Mean in a BRIDGE DREAM

What does water mean in a bridge dream? Great question, because the water affects the meaning of the rest of the bridge dream – whether the water is calm or wavy. Plus, the meaning of your dream is influenced by the type of water, for example, a dream of a bridge over a river, or a stream, channel, or canal.

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We BREATHE IN What the TREES Breathe Out

We breathe in what the trees breathe out. Because trees make our oxygen, and we breathe in oxygen, we breathe oxygen made by trees. However, there’s more to this story, as I’ll explain in this video. Because the trees lose their leaves in autumn, the trees actually make more oxygen than they would if they kept their leaves all year round. This contributes to the health of the planet.

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Nature knows best secrets revealed about why, overall, trees produce more oxygen than carbon dioxide. It’s a “How do trees make oxygen video,” and much more. You can better understand the nature knows best explanation when you look at photosynthesis and how trees make our oxygen. Plus, you’ll see that nature knows best autumn, because the trees lose their autumn leaves during the long nights of winter.

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Walking in the woods in the autumn gives me great joy, because the leaves are turning color and falling to the ground. It smells good. I like to go for a nature walk in the forest just about every day. And, in the fall, it’s not hot, so it’s easier to walk in the woods, especially going up this hill when, in the summertime, it would be more difficult in the heat. It’s a lovely forest walk going out in the autumn leaves.

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We Breathe IN What GREEN PLANTS Breathe OUT

We breathe in what green plants breathe out. So, if you were wondering: where does our oxygen come from? From green plants. Does grass produce oxygen? Yes, grass too. In the video, Carol Anne Chapman breathes with plants, breathing in their oxygen and giving them her carbon dioxide. A plants is a living oxygen machine. In addition, she explains how certain plants, such as epipremnum aureum, also clean the air of pollution.

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