iPhone XS Salt Water Test – ACCIDENTAL!

iPhone XS Salt Water Test – ACCIDENTAL! I did not intend to do this iPhone XS Salt Water Test, but, accidentally, while videotaping, I knocked my iPhone XS into about five and a half feet of muddy salt water. It took me 28:18 minutes to find it. My iPhone XS continued to record video and audio throughout. The video below was taken with my wet iPhone XS just minutes after I lifted it out of the water. It was still wet and had mud on it. This is how this accidental iPhone XS Salt Water Test happened:

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Past Life Memories of Atlantis: An Alien on Earth

Past Life Memories of Atlantis include a first experience on earth as a Light Being Alien, building the Great Pyramid, and “falling into the serpent’s mouth.” Travel to Egyptian and Mayan ruins unearths images that confirm the memories.

You’ll see how the various types of videos on this blog site—from Dream Interpretation, to Working with Nature Spirits, to Atlantis Past Life Memories, to paintings in the pharaohs’ tombs, to the feathered serpent in Mayan ruins–fit together in an understanding of the exploits of a Light Being (Alien)’s exploits on earth. It all leads to an understanding of a different reality.

If any of this video resonates with your experiences, past life memories, dreams, or gut feelings, please comment in the section below. Do you think we were once Light Beings or aliens? Do you feel as if you’re one of the Golden Ones? Have you had an amazing dream that came true? I’d love to hear from you.

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REINCARNATED from ATLANTIS: Are You One of the Golden Ones?

Reincarnated from Atlantis? You may be one of the Golden Ones. They are souls who decided, during the time of Atlantis, to reincarnate now, when we are again, on the brink of self-annihilation.

The Golden Ones have reincarnated now to be of help and to bring in a new world of peace on earth.

According to the Archangel Guides in my hypnosis sessions, it is my purpose to, “Awaken the Golden Ones.”

How am I going to awaken the Golden Ones? In this video, I describe and explain more about the Golden Ones, how they will be awakened, and how they will discover their purpose.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Intuitive Decision Making

I learned one of the really important advantages and disadvantages of intuitive decision making when I ignored my intuition and the house got hit by lightning.

When my husband and I had been looking at the house to buy it, I heard and saw the biggest “NO” in my mind as we drove away from viewing the house. But, of course, my husband and I bought the house anyway, because we like it so much and couldn’t image what could be wrong with it.

Well, it wasn’t that there was something wrong with the house. It’s that your intuition can know way more than you can know consciously or emotionally.

In fact, I can’t believe our house was hit by lightning. I felt more than very sad. I felt discouraged and humiliated as if the Universe had struck us down with a bad omen. The following video shows the devastation caused by the lightning strike.

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Why Is My Green Tea Bitter

Why is my green tea bitter, I wondered. It seemed that no matter what, whenever I made green tea, it turned out to taste bitter. And, my, oh my, was my green tea bitter! I felt really discouraged, since I grew up in Canada, where my family and our neighbors drank tea everyday. However, we drank black tea with milk and sugar. Surely, green tea wouldn’t be that much different to make than black tea, would it?

Well, it took a Chinese tea master to show me how to make my green tea taste fantastic. And, it is different from making black tea. Until he showed me how, I didn’t know the answer to my question: Why is my green tea bitter?  But, now I know how to brew green tea the right way, and I love how it tastes. I also don’t need to add sugar to make it palatable. The solution is really simple and easy. Take a look at the video below, where I’ll show you the secret to making delicious green tea and give you the answer to the question: Why is my green tea bitter.

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Premonition Dreams That Come True

Premonition Dreams that Come True: What do you think? Can you see the future in your dreams? Have you had a dream that came true? If not, do you think they can come true? Please share in the comments section below.

To begin, your dreams can come true–not all of them, but some. However, it’s not enough to remember your dreams. You also have to take a risk with them to find out if they really came true or not. By doing so, you let your subconscious mind know that you want to work with it.

In the following video, I’ll answer some of the questions that come up when you’re trying to understand the meaning of your dreams.

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What Do Snake Dreams Mean?

What do snake dreams mean? Snake dreams terrify and intrigue the dreamer. Whether it’s a snake bite dream or a dream about snakes slithering around, dreamers want to know, “What do dreams about snakes mean?”

By the way, if you’ve had a dream with a snake in it, please leave a comment. Thanks.

In the video below, you’ll find the answers to the question: “What do snake dreams mean?”

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Many Reasons to Love Yucatan

There are many reasons to love Yucatan. In this video, narrator and co-writer of the travelogue, Yucatan Travel: Cancun to Chichen Itza, Miriam Balsley describes 12 of the reasons she loves Yucatan Mexico.

From swimming and snorkeling in the warm tropical waters of the Riviera Maya, to exploring mysterious lands and ancient Mayan ruins, to the shopping and nightlife of Cancun, to the rich cultural heritage of the Maya peoples, to the world-renown Chichen Itza pyramids, the Yucatan Peninsula is a magical place. Here’s a short video showing the many things to love about Yucatan:

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Is It True If You Die in Your Dreams You Die?

Is it true if you die in your dreams you die? Have you had that kind of dream? Have you ever had a dream in which you found yourself dead? Please share in the comments section below.

Although a dream in which you die can be very frightening, it seldom means you’re going to die. In the video below, I’ll show you what a “dream of myself dead” often means.

Of course, when you wake up with your heart pounding, having just seen yourself dead in a dream, it’s normal to wonder:

  • Is it true if you die in your dream you die?
  • What does it mean when you dream about your own death?
  • Why did I dream of myself being dead?

I know, because I also had a dream of myself being dead. And, yes, I woke up terrified! My first thought was: “Does this mean I’m going to die?” Watch the video below:

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Dream About a Past Love Interest

A dream about a past love interest. You may wonder:  What that’s about? Have you had a dream about your ex? Please share it in the comments section below.

A dream about a past love interest may have you asking: Does it mean I should get in touch with the old love from my dream? Does it mean that my past heartthrob is thinking about the me? What if I’m having  recurring dreams about my ex? Am I obsessed? Does the dream mean that I love my ex more than my current relationship?

As it turns out, a dream about a past love interest may be one of the most misunderstood of all dream symbols. In fact, beware of dreams about past loves. They contain strong feelings of joy, pain and yearning. But, if you misinterpret these dreams, you could create problems in your present relationship or in your search for a new love. Yes, this is a dream about longing. You just need to be sure you’re longing for the right thing. Check out the video below to learn more about these emotion-filled dreams.

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