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What Does LAND Mean in a BRIDGE Dream?

What does land mean in a bridge dream? With sky and water, the land adds to the meaning of a bridge dream. It provides the down-to-earth, practical information that makes the dream interpretation easier. The video, below, explores how different types of land clarify the bridge dream meaning. You’ll find the meaning of a dream bridge that connects to a big city, to a small town, to a forest, to a mountain, and many more.

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What Does WATER Mean in a BRIDGE DREAM

What does water mean in a bridge dream? Great question, because the water affects the meaning of the rest of the bridge dream – whether the water is calm or wavy. Plus, the meaning of your dream is influenced by the type of water, for example, a dream of a bridge over a river, or a stream, channel, or canal.

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What Does It Mean to Dream of a Rainbow?

What does it mean to dream of a rainbow? For most people, a rainbow symbolizes hope. However, a rainbow in your dream can mean many things depending on who you are and what you believe. In the video below, you’ll discover that the rainbow dream symbol illustrates how the rainbow in dream symbol can change the rainbow dream interpretation depending on your beliefs and who you are.

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