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The Man of My Dreams – Excerpt from When We Were Gods

When We Were Gods: When We Were Gods book cover
Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 1:
The Man of My Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that changed your life? Have you ever had a dream come true?

Everyone says they want to find the man or woman of their dreams. But what if it happened to you? What if you dreamt of a stranger you were supposed to marry—and then saw that person the next day? What would you do? Would you go up to them and say, “I just dreamt I’m supposed to marry you?” Or would you wait and watch, wondering what kind of person you had dreamt about?

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Dream interpretation Huge Waves

dream interpretation huge waveWith dream interpretation huge waves, you’re dealing not only with water, but also the vastness of the ocean: therefore, emotion and also the subconscious.

A Phone Call Request for Dream Interpretation Huge Waves

I received a phone call recently, in which I learned about a dream that involved huge waves. The dreamer was in the water trying to get to solid ground but the waves kept pulling her back into the ocean.

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Dream Interpretation: Darkness

Today, I’ve decided to write about Dream Interpretation: Darkness. That’s because I’ve noticed that a number of people have written to me with dreams in which “dark” or “darkness” was a significant symbol. By the way, I’ve included those dreams (or excerpts from them) below. If you’re interested, you’ll find them among the dreams posted in the comments section of: Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge.

In addition, I recently had a dream in which I dreamed about a thick, impenetrable dark forest. So, now, that made me really curious! What could darkness mean in a dream?

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Are All Snake Dreams about Sex?

Are all snake dreams about sex

OpenClipart – Vectors, Pixabay Public Domain

If you’ve ever had a dream with a snake in it, you may wonder, “Are all snake dreams about sex?” According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, “Yes.” However, many dream interpreters believe there are many more meanings for snake dreams than that they’re about sex. Therefore, if you’ve had a snake dream, read on for some possible interpretations that may surprise you.

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Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad

Are snake dreams good or bad

SilviaP_Design, Pixabay Public Domain Image

What is your first thought as you awaken after a snake dream? That is, after you get over having that kind of dream? For many people it’s, “Are snake dreams good or bad?” That’s because they want to know if their snake dream means something good or bad for them and their life.

All right, I know that the snake symbol turns up rather frequently in dreams. And, I know that even though many people don’t especially like snakes, in dreams, snake dreams can even symbolize many good things such as spirituality . . . for some people. In this article, I’ll discuss certain kinds of snake dreams and certain kinds of people for whom snake dreams can be good.

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Dream Interpretation Crossing a Bridge

Dream interpretation Crossing a Bridge! Have you ever had a dream about crossing a bridge? If so, please share it.

Dream Interpretation Crossing a Bridge

Public Domain Photo from Pixabay

I recently had a dream about crossing a bridge. Therefore, I began looking for online sources of: Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge. I’m happy to say that I found a few. Following, please find a few dream interpretations of this symbol. I’ve included links to the original article under the excerpt. In some cases, the original article also includes a sample “crossing a bridge” dream interpretation.

In summary, I’d say that my understanding of this symbol: Crossing a Bridge, is that it signifies a time in your life when you’re contemplating or have made a decision to make a change in your life. These tend to be large changes, such as quitting a job, rather than smaller decisions such as choosing one outfit over another.

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Sleep research: Longest dreams occur just before awakening

I remember reading somewhere that your longest dream occurs just before awakening. Evidently, as the night goes on, you start by dreaming a short dream, then a while later, you dream a longer dream, and so on. That means that if you don’t sleep a full night, you don’t get the opportunity to have your longest dream with the most information in it.  It also means that your longer dreams provide the most opportunity for communication from your subconscious and hence your soul. This may explain why getting enough sleep is the first step in furthering dream recall, which can lead to psychic information.

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Dream recall improves with sleep

During the question/answer period at the end of a recent talk in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, one woman asked me what she could do to improve her ability to remember dreams.

Dream recall is important, because one way to improve psychic ability is through dream interpretation. Of course, if you’re not remembering your dreams, you’re losing out on that opportunity for soul communication, the basis of psychic ability.

I told her that, in my experience, the first thing to do is to make sure you get enough sleep.

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Dream Interpretation: Wig

Hair in dreams is supposed to indicate thoughts, because both hair and thoughts come out of our heads.

So what would a dream about a wig mean? Hiding your real thoughts?

Dream Analysis says that dreaming of a wig means:

A wig indicates someone is pretending they think a certain way with regard to the subject matter of the dream.
Dream Analysis

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