What Does WATER Mean in a BRIDGE DREAM

What does water mean in a bridge dream? Great question, because the water affects the meaning of the rest of the bridge dream – whether the water is calm or wavy. Plus, the meaning of your dream is influenced by the type of water, for example, a dream of a bridge over a river, or a stream, channel, or canal.


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  • 0:00:09 The water affects the meaning of the rest of the bridge dream.
  • 0:01:22 A bridge dream also includes the water, sky, and land meaning.
  • 0:01:45 The usual meanings of a bridge in a dream
  • 0:02:39 The meaning of a dream with water in it.
  • 0:03:14 What does it mean to dream of a bridge over calm water?
  • 0:03:32 Dream of a bridge over waves.
  • 0:03:48 Dream of a bridge and huge waves.
  • 0:04:36 What does a river mean in a bridge dream?
  • 0:5:19 Dream of a bridge over a stream.
  • 0:05:59 What does a channel mean in a bridge dream?
  • 0:08:19 Do you have a YouTube channel?
  • 0:08:47 What is the dream meaning of a canal?
  • 0:10:41 Dream of a bridge over a boat.
  • 0:11:09 What does it mean to dream of a bridge over dirty water.
  • 0:14:10 Three-step Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist.

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Welland Canal Map, Attribution: Argyle (Public Domain)
Welland Canal, Attribution: Army Corps of Engineers (Public Domain)

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