Dreams that Solve Problems – Where Do They Come From?

Dreams that solve problems – where do they come from? These are not your ordinary garden-variety type of dreams based on your activities, thoughts, and emotions of the previous day. These are dreams that bring phenomenal information into your life. They happen infrequently, but they can bring great benefit into your waking life.

In the video below, which was originally live streamed on YouTube, I describe just such a dream: Pharaoh’s dream of Cows. Then I tell where I believe such dreams come from.

Following, I answer questions sent to me in the Chat by participants or sent to me by email from people on my Dream Interpretation list.

Questions Answered at the End of the Dreams that Solve Problems Live Stream

At the end of my YouTube Live Streams, I like to answer questions sent by viewers. You can either submit the questions during the Chat or send them ahead of time to my email address at Carol@CarolChapmanLive.com. At the end of this live stream, the questions answered included: Moon dreams, women’s sexual dreams, and do these problem-solving dreams come from God.

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Carol Chapman

Carol Anne Chapman is the author of When We Were Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Hearts Desire. She met her husband first in a dream. Formerly the media photojournalist at a NASA center, she presently provides online guidance on such topics as dream interpretation, the Golden Ones, and past life memories at https://CarolChapmanLive.com/bookasession. She has been featured on Coast- to-Coast AM hosted by George Noory and Art Bell as well as CBS radio's Kimmie and Steve and The Maria Shaw Show. Her articles have been published in Venture Inward, Alternative Perceptions, Dream Network, The Open Road, and FATE Magazine.