How to interpret your dreams for beginners. In only three easy steps, you will discover the system used to interpret dreams. In addition, you’ll find why it’s important to interpret your own dreams. The video includes an example of how to interpret a bridge dream.

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TIME CODES for the Video: How to Interpret Your Dreams for Beginners

Go to the times below to find various topics in the video:

  • 0:00:00 How do I interpret a dream?
  • 0:00:18 Is it important to interpret your dreams?
  • 0:01:08 How to interpret a bridge dream.
  • 0:03:02 How do I find the meaning of my dream?
  • 0:03:31 Can your dreams come true?
  • 0:05:51 What does my dream mean?
  • 0:06:20 What does it mean to dream about crossing a bridge?
  • 0:06:45 What does a blue sky mean in a dream?
  • 0:06:52 What does water mean in a bridge dream?
  • 0:07:01 What does it mean to dream of a bridge with flowers?


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Hannah’s Song by Haugen from YouTube Audio Library
Ocean Beach by Dan Lebowitz from YouTube Audio Library
Rolling Hills by Sir Cubworth from YouTube Audio Library
Last Train to Mars by Dan Lebowitz from YouTube Audio Library

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The Lions Gate Bridge (Entrance)
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Attributions: Anthonymaw, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
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Red Tulips, Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman

Cruise Ship Going Under the Lions Gate Bridge (West Vancouver bridge)
Canada – 4321728_1
Image by Simaah from Pixabay

Lions Gate Bridge from the Air
Attribution: Lions Gate Bridge, taken on a floatplane inbound to Vancouver by Tawker
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All Video Footage Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman
The Lions Gate Bridge – 29471, Video by fantastipo from Pixabay

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