What Does It Mean to DREAM About CROSSING a BRIDGE

What does it mean to dream about crossing a bridge? What about a dream of driving off a bridge? Or a dream of someone jumping off a bridge? What about to crawl across a bridge dream? This video reveals the meaning of these crossing bridge dreams and many more.

3-Step Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist: https://CarolChapmanLive.com.

One of my blog posts on Crossing Bridge Dreams: https://carolchapmanlive.com/dream-interpretation-crossing-a-bridge-3/

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TIME CODES for the Video

Find various topics in the video at the time codes below:

  • 0:00:07 What does it mean to dream about crossing a bridge?
  • 0:00:22 Dream about walking on a bridge.
  • 0:00:37 Dream about driving across a bridge.
  • 0:00:45 To cross a bridge by foot dream.
  • 0:00:50 Crawl across a bridge dream.
  • 0:00:57 Dream about building a bridge.
  • 0:01:49 More on: crawl across a bridge dream.
  • 0:02:34 Dream of driving off a bridge.
  • 0:03:02 Dream of falling off a bridge.
  • 0:03:18 Dream of someone jumping off a bridge.
  • 0:04:10 When you go to sleep, your conscious mind shuts off.
  • 0:04:17 What’s left is your subconscious mind.
  • 0:05:19 Now, you’ve interpreted your dream!
  • 0:05:35 Your subconscious mind thinks only in pictures and feelings.
  • 0:05:47 Dream about a bridge collapsing beneath you.
  • 0:07:02 Dream of driving off a bridge.
  • 0:08:41 Dreaming about a bridge shaking.
  • 0:09:25 I actually first met my husband in a dream.
  • 0:10:21 Wishing you Happy Dreaming!

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Driving off a bridge:
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Driving Across a Bridge
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