What Does LAND Mean in a BRIDGE Dream?

What does land mean in a bridge dream? With sky and water, the land adds to the meaning of a bridge dream. It provides the down-to-earth, practical information that makes the dream interpretation easier. The video, below, explores how different types of land clarify the bridge dream meaning. You’ll find the meaning of a dream bridge that connects to a big city, to a small town, to a forest, to a mountain, and many more.

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TIME CODES for the Video

Find various topics in the video at the time codes below:

    • 0:01:25 What does it mean to dream of a bridge in a city?
    • 0:02:22 Dream of a bridge in a small town.
  • 0:03:36 What does it mean to dream of a bridge in the woods?
  • 0:04:02 What does it mean to dream of a bridge in the country?
  • 0:04:39 Meaning of a dream of a bridge with green grass.
  • 0:05:12 What does it mean to dream of a bridge with a lighthouse?
  • 0:05:46 What does it mean to dream of a bridge in the mountains?
  • 0:06:22 What does it mean to dream of a bridge in the sand?
  • 0:07:06 What does it mean to dream of a bridge with flowers?

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PHOTOGRAPHS (in order from beginning to end)
Philippa Covered Bridge across the Tygart Valley in Philippa, West Virginia, Attribution: Carol M. Highsmith / Public domain
Bridge 1590346, Image by Jeff Leonhardt from Pixabay
Bridge-192986, Image by FrankWinkler from Pixabay

All Video Footage Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman
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An aerial video of Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York City, at Sunset 2nd, Vimeo Stock Footage
An anonymous crowd walking down a crowded sidewalk in New York City, NY, Vimeo Stock Footage
Forest – 49795, Video by Kai Wendehorst from Pixabay
Mountains-45796, Video by Ambient_Nature_Atmosphere from Pixabay
Crimea – 13856 (rope bridge between mountain peaks), Video by Wowa from Pixabay
Yellow Flowers – 17307, Video by dae jeung kim from Pixabay
Flowers – 11754, Video by MadameYavi from Pixabay



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Ron - December 30, 2020

First time I had a dream falling and landed.. in my dream my wife and I accidentally ran off a large Bridge in Long Beach, CA. While we were falling I felt no fear heading towards the water below. My wife and I were telling each other how much we live each other while I kept looking for the bottom below. We were both in a sitting position but talking. When we hit the bottom we suddenly appeared to slow down and landed standing in the water.. We both looked up while walking towards shore and could not believe we were alive and that know person will believe we fell so far and survived.. That was strange because I dreamed of falling, but woke up before landing.. I did not wake up this time, landed but had no fear, just feeling it was ok my wife and I would pass together. Yikes..

    Carol Chapman - December 31, 2020

    Yikes, is right! I also dislike thinking about my inevitable demise. In addition, because it’s your dream and it’s about your life, you know better than anyone else what your dream means. It’s a lovely dream to have. Nonetheless, if you want to consider possible other meanings based on the symbols, especially since thinking about your inevitable demise feels uncomfortable, it could also have to do with a change in your relationship (running off the bridge). It also could have to do with “hitting bottom,” coming to a tipping point that causes a change in behavior. Is there something in either of your lives that has to do with hitting bottom? It could also be a warning that if you continue as you are, you may hit bottom. It could even be a warning about the pandemic, i.e. are you and your wife protecting yourselves adequately? If your dream is about “hitting bottom,” then, if it was my dream, I would feel hopeful that my relationship would survive going through it, but there’d be an emotional adjustment (landing in the water). What do you think? Based on what was going on in your life the day before you had the dream, are my suggestions helpful? Here’s a link to my video on dreams about running off a bridge: https://carolchapmanlive.com/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-about-crossing-a-bridge/


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