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Happy Holidays!

Let us, just for a moment, imagine that we are sitting together in this lovely, warm, cozy room, surrounded by the homey fragrance of the wood fire. Perhaps one of us is knitting, another is smoking a pipe. Maybe someone has a cat on their lap, another a dog at their feet. Perhaps a baby is sleeping in someone’s arms. Do I smell something baking in the oven? We’re together, we’re peaceful, and we’re content. Happy Holidays! Please see the video below:

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Why WALK in SNOW – Why HIKE in the WINTER

Why walk in snow? Because, when you hike in the winter, you don’t get bit by a tick. You don’t get Lyme Disease! Or, for that matter, no mosquito, wasp, or bee stings. Plus, although I don’t mention it in the video, you won’t have to deal with snakes or bears. They’re hibernating. In my humble opinion, walking in the woods in the winter is the best time!

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If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind? Quote in 30 Seconds

If Winter comes Can Spring be far behind? This famous quote, “If Winter comes, Can Spring be far behind?” comes from the poem, Ode to the West Wind, by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). It awakens in us more than just the reminder that after winter comes spring. It also brings us hope in the midst of adversity that our present difficulties will inevitably be over. In addition, it shows us that, in the past, we have had other problems, and we also made it through those hardships. We can prevail again. 

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Why I DON’T GIVE UP with YOUTUBE! Even with Wonky Software!

Why I don’t give up with YouTube! Yesterday, my video editing software became wonky software. All the work I did yesterday simply disappeared. I felt so scared and frustrated. I wanted to give up. Then, this morning, I had a comment from someone saying, please keep uploading your videos, they’re just great. That means so much to me! You just never know when it’s going to really, really, really matter. So, I have a huge appreciation for Likes and Subscribes and Comments. I don’t give up because of you – the people who watch my videos and visit my channel. Thank you so much!

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100 Subscriber Happy Dance – YouTube

The 100 Subscriber Happy Dance – YouTube. I feel so happy that my channel now has 100 subscribers and also feel so grateful for all those people who subscribed to my channel. When I make my videos, I think about the people who may be looking for the kind of information that I can share with them. In addition, every one of my subscribers, if they had a YouTube channel, I looked them up, checked them out, and watched a video or more if they had any. Furthermore, I believe it’s a tradition at YouTube that when your channel gets 100 subscribers, you do a Happy Dance. So, this is mine! And, it was easy to do, because I felt so excited!

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5 Minute Guided Meditation You Are Safe

5 Minute Guided Meditation You Are Safe is a guided meditation that can give you a feeling of peace, calm, and safety in a world going through crisis and turmoil. Enjoy and relax as you follow your breathing on the video and listen to the guided reverie. You don’t have to keep your eyes closed. You can also stare at the fire. Human beings have been staring at fires for thousands of years.

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Change Your Life in 40 Days

Change Your Life in 40 Days. I know you can. I did. I used the 40-day Manifestation Meditation to find my husband. I’ve also used the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation  to forgive those who have hurt me. I’ve also used the 40-day Forgiveness Meditation to forgive myself when I hurt someone else. Each of these meditations take only a few minutes every day. Nonetheless, they can change your life. In the video below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

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How to Forgive Yourself Or Someone Who Hurt You

How to forgive yourself or someone who hurt you becomes possible with this powerful 40-day healing meditation. It even provided healing for a person with a terminal illness. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it will heal you. However, I’ve found it wonderfully helpful in my life for healing my guilt over hurting someone I love and also for relieving the anger and bitterness I feel against someone who hurt me.

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