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How to Forgive Yourself Or Someone Who Hurt You

How to forgive yourself or someone who hurt you becomes possible with this powerful 40-day healing meditation. It even provided healing for a person with a terminal illness. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it will heal you. However, I’ve found it wonderfully helpful in my life for healing my guilt over hurting someone I love and also for relieving the anger and bitterness I feel against someone who hurt me.

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iPhone XS Salt Water Test – ACCIDENTAL!

iPhone XS Salt Water Test – ACCIDENTAL! I did not intend to do this iPhone XS Salt Water Test, but, accidentally, while videotaping, I knocked my iPhone XS into about five and a half feet of muddy salt water. It took me 28:18 minutes to find it. My iPhone XS continued to record video and audio throughout. The video below was taken with my wet iPhone XS just minutes after I lifted it out of the water. It was still wet and had mud on it. This is how this accidental iPhone XS Salt Water Test happened:

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Higglety Pigglety Pop Video

Higglety Pigglety Pop VideoThis Higglety Pigglety Pop Video brings visuals to Maurice Sendak’s delightful story of the little dog, Jennie. In this case, Meryl Streep provides the voice of Jennie. Puppets provide the characters.

I don’t know which version I like best. This one, with the enchanting scenery and characters, or the audio version of the previous post. Perhaps, the audio triumphs, because you can see the story in your own mind. Often the story in your mind develops characters and scenarios better than someone else’s rendition. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this video and think you’ll like it too. It has an English sound track and French subtitles:

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There Must Be More to Life

There Must be More to Life“There must be more to life than having everything,” says Jennie, a discontented Sealyham terrier. So, she leaves home carrying her black leather bag with the gold buckles. She discovers that even though she has everything, she’s missing Experience. Unfortunately, she needs Experience in order to fulfill her aspiration of being the leading lady in the World’s Mother Goose Theater. And so begins her trek to find Experience, a word she doesn’t even comprehend, “Never heard of it.”

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Forgiveness matters! [Video]

We yearn for forgiveness: both for ourselves and also to be able to forgive those who have wronged us.

As you’ve probably found, if you don’t forgive those who have hurt you, you continue to suffer. The person no longer hurts you. Now, you hurt yourself.

Unbidden, you find the uncomfortable memories rearing up in your mind. In fact, you may dwell on the memories, complain about the person to others, and even plot revenge.

Meanwhile, the person who hurt you doesn’t even know. That person may even be dead!

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Banned TED talk on Science as Religion

In this banned TED talk, The Science Delusion, Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., biologist and author, names ten constants we believe in science as religion. Then, he shows how two of these constants are not really so.

I love this TED talk, because it shows up our culture’s beliefs in the findings of science as if they are constants. Whereas, real science is constantly making discoveries that change previous findings.

This is comforting to me since I’m constantly amazed that the media announces new scientific discoveries as if this latest information is the ultimate proof and solution to a certain problem. The public seems to forget that previous scientific discoveries were hailed as the ultimate proof and solution to the same problem years previously. Every time a new discovery is made, it is treated as if this is the ultimate truth. In reality, it’s merely the latest discovery on the way to a greater understanding of reality.

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Meditation Video Inspires Hope for Peace

This is a gorgeous video that includes interviews with Greg Braden and Deepak Chopra.

The title, “The Time Is Now – Awaken,” interested me since, while writing The Golden Ones, I had a very unusual experience similar to channeling. In the middle of the night, this other-worldly being told me I needed a different title for my book. Instead, it should be called, “Awaken – The Time is Now.”

Therefore, I’m always interested in videos with a similar theme. This video not only has interviews, but also scientific evidence that meditation can influence people around us. For example, it shows the results of an experiment in which many people went into meditation in Washington, D.C. During the time the people were in meditation, the crime rate in the city plummeted. Amazing!

It’s also a very well-made video. You’ll enjoy it!

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Happiness video brings happiness!

Here’s a wonderful video about the source of happiness. Watch it!

You’ll love it. The video gives you the gift of the happiness it illustrates!

I especially liked it, because I know some people who are like this. They seem to live on being helpful. In addition, when they’re being helpful, they don’t exude any feeling, as so often happens, that they expect anything in return.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you been helped by someone who seems to be delighted to give you something you need?

I loved this video, because it showed me why they do these acts of good will–what they really get out of it. Amazingly, by watching the video, I also experienced the joy that goes with giving–a really wonderful experience.

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