How Many OKRA Plants Per CONTAINER

How many okra plants per container? The video below explains how to grow okra from seeds in pots, including how to get rid of Japanese Beetles organically. Japanese Beetles like to munch on okra leaves. They can make the leaves look like lace.

In addition, the video shows two ways to to get rid of Japanese Beetles without pesticides. One involves a highly effective toxic plant for companion planting.

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TIME STAMPS for the Video How to Grow Okra from Seeds in Pots

00:00 How to grow okra from seeds in pots
00:15 Japanese beetles like to eat okra
00:52 This year, experiment with companion plants
01:05 An amazing plant that gets rid of Japanese beetles
01:26 Baby Okras with baby companion plants
02:00 Beware: this plant is toxic to children and pets
03:00 Message from Pan, Lord of the Wild

how many okra plants per container

Notice how the first true leaves of the Okra plant looks different from the Companion Plant.

For more on how to grow okra in pots, check out my other blog post here.

ATTRIBUTIONS for the Video How to Grow Okra from Seeds in Pots

All Video Footage Copyright Carol Anne Chapman 2021-2023
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