How to Grow OKRA from SEEDS in Pots

How to Grow OKRA from SEEDS in POTS. In the video below, find out how to grow large veggies on your balcony, specifically Okra.

It’s a  delicious, nutritious Southern plant that can also be grown in the North as long as you have a couple of months of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) temperatures.

Discover how to plant, fertilize, water, and harvest your delicious, nutritious okra. In the video, you’ll also find an easy way to cook them as well as how to handle pests including which companion plants to use for pest management.

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00:00 How to Grow Okra from Seeds in a Pot
00:18 Best Okra Variety for Containers
00:42 Watering and Fertilizing Okra
03:28 Overcome Problems with Japanese Beetle Pests
03:58 Harvesting and Cooking Okra
14:05 Use Companion Plants with Okra to Deter Pests

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