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Don’t Get BIT by a TICK

Don’t get bit by a tick! The great thing about walking in the woods in winter is that you don’t have to worry about insect bitesno tick bites, no mosquito bites, no bee or wasp stings. It’s my favorite time, because I got Lyme disease from a tick bite a couple of years ago. As a result, I’m extra paranoid when I go hiking in the woods. But when snow covers the ground, no bug can getcha! Yay!

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Keep warm in winter walking in snow. To do that, you’re going to have to know what to wear to keep warm in winter outside. This video guide will help you to choose the outerwear that will help you to feel warm and toasty inside your clothes even when the weather outside is freezing. But, it’s not good enough to know how to keep warm. You also have to know how to keep dry. After all, snow is just frozen water.

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We BREATHE IN What the TREES Breathe Out

We breathe in what the trees breathe out. Because trees make our oxygen, and we breathe in oxygen, we breathe oxygen made by trees. However, there’s more to this story, as I’ll explain in this video. Because the trees lose their leaves in autumn, the trees actually make more oxygen than they would if they kept their leaves all year round. This contributes to the health of the planet.

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Nature knows best secrets revealed about why, overall, trees produce more oxygen than carbon dioxide. It’s a “How do trees make oxygen video,” and much more. You can better understand the nature knows best explanation when you look at photosynthesis and how trees make our oxygen. Plus, you’ll see that nature knows best autumn, because the trees lose their autumn leaves during the long nights of winter.

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Walking in the woods in the autumn gives me great joy, because the leaves are turning color and falling to the ground. It smells good. I like to go for a nature walk in the forest just about every day. And, in the fall, it’s not hot, so it’s easier to walk in the woods, especially going up this hill when, in the summertime, it would be more difficult in the heat. It’s a lovely forest walk going out in the autumn leaves.

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