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Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Sequoia National Park, Photograph: Copyright 2007 Carol Chapman

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness channeled through me information saying that the Nature Kingdom feels the upheavals that are coming. Back in the 1990s, when I received this information, the Nature Kingdom had already begun to feel the what we presently experience. This message occurred long before climatologists started to warn us of Global Warming. For your information, Pan is a nature spirit that rules over the whole Nature Kingdom.

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Nature Kingdom Requests our Help – SOS

Nature Kingdom Requests our Help

Photo Copyright 1997 Carol Chapman

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness visited me with a message for humankind. This occurred while writing my first book, The Golden Ones, which became When We Were Gods. He told me that the Nature Kingdom requests our help. However, the type of help he requested surprised me.

He also said that the Nature Kingdom could clean the earth for us, but had become discouraged because of our abuse, neglect, and disrespect. Nonetheless, if we gave the kind of help he requested, the Nature Kingdom could do amazing things for us and the earth.

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Geese are Flying North

Geese are flying North

Local geese fly low over the water and treetops. (Pixabay)

Just to let you know, a couple of week ago, two huge “V’s” of Canada Geese flew by overhead. Immediately, I thought, “Ah, the geese are flying north.” So, I thought you’d like to know the geese are on the move. If you live in Canada or the northern U.S., you’ll be pleased to know that these magnificent harbingers of spring are coming your way. I could hardly see the V’s, because the geese flew so high. They were obviously migrating rather than the couple that live around here year-round, which fly low right over the river or slightly above the treetops. Now, I wonder, did they make it? Have you seen any geese arriving? Please comment below to let me know where you live, if the geese have left (if you’re south of me) or arrived (if you’re north).

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Encounter with Pan

Have you ever had an Encounter with Pan? If so, I’d like to hear about it. Please describe your experience in the comments section below.

Interestingly, since my book When We Were Gods was published, I’ve heard from numerous people who have had an Encounter with Pan. Often he appears while a person is outdoors. Sometimes, they are gardening.

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Metal Eating Plants Clean the Earth

Metal eating plants can clean the earth–how exciting! You’ll find a wonderful video about heavy metal eating plants down below.

For me, this news about heavy metal eating plants is especially exciting. I received information from Pan, Lord of the Wilderness, while writing my book, When We Were Gods. He said that nature was capable of cleaning the earth. I included the information in the book, When We Were Gods. Here’s a quote from the book:

“But remember, Pan has also said that nature can and wants to heal the earth.”

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Mayan Civilization’s Collapse: Deforestation

Does this sound familiar? Although this quote is excerpted from a Live Science article about the

Map of the Yucatan Peninsula

The location of the ancient Mayan civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula



ancient Mayan civilization in the rain forests of Guatemala, the reference to tree pollen being replaced by weed pollen sounds a lot like our present civilization.

I live in a rural area in the U.S., and everywhere around me, forests are being cut down to create subdivisions.

From pollen trapped in ancient layers of lake sediment, scientists have learned that around 1,200 years ago, just before the civilization’s collapse, tree pollen disappeared almost completely and was replaced by the pollen of weeds. In other words, the region became almost completely deforested.

Aren’t we cutting down trees and replacing them with cities, farms, and industrial regions? Don’t most of us live in areas where tree pollen hardly exists any more? 

The above quote refers to the ancient Mayan civilization in the Peten region of Guatemala. According to a Live Science article, Ancient Mayan Canals Possibly Spotted in Satellite Images,  NASA climate scientist Bob Ogelsby at the Marshall Space Flight Center, learned from computer simulations that:

Without trees, erosion would have worsened, carrying away fertile topsoil. The changing groundcover would have boosted the temperature of the region by as much as 6 degrees, . . .

The article goes on to say that the basic cause of the Mayan civilization’s collapse was because of ongoing food and water shortages brought on by a “combination of natural drought and deforestation by humans.”  Could we be creating our own civilization’s collapse by deforesting our land? Can we learn from the ancient Maya?

From my point of view, the most important thing has to do with the disregard for our dependence on the nature kingdom.

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2014 warmest year – can nature help?

imagebase24_21_ThumbnailAccording to NASA, 2014 was the warmest year on record since 1880 when temperatures were first recorded.

However, nature can help. At the same time as we increase carbon dioxide, so much of the nature kingdom is also being destroyed.

Many trees and vegetation are cut down, and the oceans are becoming increasingly polluted. As a result, the carbon dioxide, which is processed by trees and algae into oxygen, is not being consumed at the rate it could be if the earth had more vegetation and cleaner oceans.

In other words, it’s not just a simple case of increased levels of carbon dioxide causing global warming, but that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is heightened since there’s less of it being used up by nature.

We can do something about this. Besides cutting down on the use of carbon-based fuels by turning to alternative forms of power such as solar and wind, we can also reduce the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the air by planting more trees, nurturing more vegetation, and cleaning up waterways.

Why not, as well as reducing greenhouse gases, also increase vegetation to reduce CO2?

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