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Nature knows best secrets revealed about why, overall, trees produce more oxygen than carbon dioxide. It’s a “How do trees make oxygen video,” and much more. You can better understand the nature knows best explanation when you look at photosynthesis and how trees make our oxygen. Plus, you’ll see that nature knows best autumn, because the trees lose their autumn leaves during the long nights of winter.

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Walking in the woods in the autumn gives me great joy, because the leaves are turning color and falling to the ground. It smells good. I like to go for a nature walk in the forest just about every day. And, in the fall, it’s not hot, so it’s easier to walk in the woods, especially going up this hill when, in the summertime, it would be more difficult in the heat. It’s a lovely forest walk going out in the autumn leaves.

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We Breathe IN What GREEN PLANTS Breathe OUT

We breathe in what green plants breathe out. So, if you were wondering: where does our oxygen come from? From green plants. Does grass produce oxygen? Yes, grass too. In the video, Carol Anne Chapman breathes with plants, breathing in their oxygen and giving them her carbon dioxide. A plants is a living oxygen machine. In addition, she explains how certain plants, such as epipremnum aureum, also clean the air of pollution.

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Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Sequoia National Park, Photograph: Copyright 2007 Carol Chapman

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness channeled through me information saying that the Nature Kingdom feels the upheavals that are coming. Back in the 1990s, when I received this information, the Nature Kingdom had already begun to feel the what we presently experience. This message occurred long before climatologists started to warn us of Global Warming. For your information, Pan is a nature spirit that rules over the whole Nature Kingdom.

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Nature Kingdom Requests our Help – SOS

Nature Kingdom Requests our Help

Photo Copyright 1997 Carol Chapman

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness visited me with a message for humankind. This occurred while writing my first book, The Golden Ones, which became When We Were Gods. He told me that the Nature Kingdom requests our help. However, the type of help he requested surprised me.

He also said that the Nature Kingdom could clean the earth for us, but had become discouraged because of our abuse, neglect, and disrespect. Nonetheless, if we gave the kind of help he requested, the Nature Kingdom could do amazing things for us and the earth.

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Geese are Flying North

Geese are flying North

Local geese fly low over the water and treetops. (Pixabay)

Just to let you know, a couple of week ago, two huge “V’s” of Canada Geese flew by overhead. Immediately, I thought, “Ah, the geese are flying north.” So, I thought you’d like to know the geese are on the move. If you live in Canada or the northern U.S., you’ll be pleased to know that these magnificent harbingers of spring are coming your way. I could hardly see the V’s, because the geese flew so high. They were obviously migrating rather than the couple that live around here year-round, which fly low right over the river or slightly above the treetops. Now, I wonder, did they make it? Have you seen any geese arriving? Please comment below to let me know where you live, if the geese have left (if you’re south of me) or arrived (if you’re north).

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