Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Sequoia National Park, Photograph: Copyright 2007 Carol Chapman

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness channeled through me information saying that the Nature Kingdom feels the upheavals that are coming. Back in the 1990s, when I received this information, the Nature Kingdom had already begun to feel the what we presently experience. This message occurred long before climatologists started to warn us of Global Warming. For your information, Pan is a nature spirit that rules over the whole Nature Kingdom.

Pan, Lord of the Wilderness

When Pan appeared to me, he emitted powerful energy causing me to feel terrified. Perhaps, I felt so afraid because I had never experienced channeling before. However, I believe Pan also elicited such a fear reaction because of his inherent power. After all, he has dominion over the whole natural world. In addition, he probably also projected the fear the Nature Kingdom already felt. I wrote about this channeling experience with Pan in The Golden Ones, which became When We Were Gods.

To quote Pan, he said,

“We too feel the upheavals that are coming.”

p. 92, When We Were Gods

Way back then,  I also learned that the Nature Kingdom requested our help. However, only recently have I discovered reasons for Pan’s concern. Take a look at this quote from The Weather Channel, on February 25, 2017. It says that the spring leaf-out occurred nearly 20 days earlier than average in many parts of the U.S. In effect, the spring leaf-out happened two-thirds of a month early. That’s amazing!

These persistent well-above-average temperatures have caused plants and trees to begin blooming nearly 20 days earlier than average in the southern Plains, lower Mississippi Valley, Southeast and as far north as Kentucky and Virginia.

February Monthly Record Highs Shattered in the East and Midwest

Freezing Temperatures Often Follow an Early Bloom

The big problem with this kind of false spring is that often freezing temperatures follow. As a result,  plants that came out of their winter dormancy period prematurely freeze and die.

For example, we experienced an unseasonably warm, early spring here in southeastern Virginia. This included three days in February with temperatures in the 80s F / 26.7 C. However, on the morning of March 19th, we had snow. This occurred three weeks after the February highs. In addition, the snow followed a week of nighttime killing freezes in the 20s F / -7 C. By the way, for more information on the unseasonably warm February in 2017, please see my previous blog post, Did High Temperatures in February 2017 Break Records.

Agricultural & Wild Plants Suffer from a “False Spring”

Nature Kingdom feels the Upheavals that are Coming

Photograph: Copyright 2013 Carol Chapman

These unusual temperature fluctuations not only affect humans, but can have devastating effects on agricultural crops, which are part of the Nature Kingdom. For example, when fruit trees bloom early during a “false spring,” their blossoms may be killed by frost. As a result, the fruit harvest plummets.

False spring temperatures also affect the wilderness. An article includes an interview with David Inouye, a biologist at the University of Maryland. He says:

“But now sometimes snow melts in mid-April and by June there are a lot of plants with flowers and buds, and some of those are frost-sensitive. Most or all of the frost-sensitive flowers don’t bloom in years like that. And if the flowers are killed by frost, there is then no nectar or pollen for pollinators, and no seeds for animals that eat them,”

What’s Dangerous about an Early Spring

Animals as Well as Plants are Affected by Early Bloom

As the excerpt above says, not only plants, but also the animals that feed upon them suffer from an early leaf-out. For example, a article describes the effect of climate change on wild animal species in the Arctic. It quotes Mark D. Schwartz, a professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He says:

“Shifting patterns of plant growth may affect the availability of nutritious food for herbivores, for example. Dr. Kerby and his colleagues found in 2013 that more caribou calves died early in years when spring plant growth preceded the animal’s calving season.”

For Some Arctic Plants, Spring Arrives Almost a Month Earlier

That’s sad to think of those caribou calves dying of starvation during years in which blossoms are killed by subsequent frost when they bloom too early after a false spring. It’s amazing that these caribou have provided sustenance for the Arctic peoples for centuries, but that climate change may be affecting the whole food cycle.

Nature Kingdom Feels the Upheavals that are Coming

I’m also amazed that Pan and the Nature Kingdom anticipated these upcoming earth upheavals ahead of time. Of course, at the time, my little human mind assumed earth upheavals meant earthquakes and tsunamis. As it turns out, we have had our fill of them. However, in the 1990s, I don’t remember anyone talking about climate change or global warming. Plus, warming oceans at first seemed like such an harmless problem. Only recently, have we seen how melting glaciers can affect the whole planet.

If you’re interested in learning more about my encounter with Pan, you’ll find a description of my experience and Pan’s message in When We Were Gods. It’s in the chapter entitled, “Message from Pan.” There, you’ll find more of Pan’s message, and also things you can do to help the Nature Kingdom. Pan told me the Nature Kingdom can help us by cleaning the earth, but it needs our help too.


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