We need oxygen made by trees. That’s because trees make our oxygen. But, how do trees make oxygen? In the leaves. How do leaves make oxygen? The oxygen comes out of the stomata on the underside of the leaves. We breathe in what the trees breathe out: oxygen.

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0:00:20 Chlorophyll, which makes leaves green, is necessary for oxygen production.
0:00:26 We breathe what the trees exhale.
0:00:34 What are the stomata?
0:01:53 I can’t help but loving the trees!
0:01:57 I’m Carol Anne Chapman, author of When We Were Gods.
0:02:03 Pan lord of the wild
0:02:19 Appreciate nature planet

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IMAGE OF PAN: Sweet, piercing sweet was the music of Pan’s pipe, by Walter Crane (Public Domain) from Wikipedia Commons
ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE: Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman


Trees Give Us Oxygen: Dickson County Conservation Board: https://dickinsoncountyconservationboard.com/2020/04/20/trees-give-us-oxygen/

What is the Function of Plant Stomata? Thought Co,



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