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Photographs for Edgar Cayce Calendar

Today I’ve been working on the thumbnails that go on the calendar pages of the  Divine in Nature: with Inspirational Quotes from Edgar Cayce 2009 Calendar. These images are excerpted from the full page photos accompanying each month of the calendar. I feel so happy with these beautiful images. Here are a sample of a few that I may or may not use:

3-Sea-Lions-for-Blog 9-Sunflower-2-for-Blog 4-ARE-Medit-Grdn-for-blog
Sea Lion Sunflower Azaleas

Copyright 2007-2008 Carol Chapman

Carol Chapman

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Animals and Saints

I loved this quote from Christine Valters Paintner PhD’s blog. It brought to mind one of the animals I have a special connection with.

In ancient times, one sign of the holiness of mystics and Saints was a special connection to animals. Animals have their own wisdom that comes in part from their otherness, they open a window to dimensions of God we might not otherwise see.

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semi-wild feline who allows me to feed him, I can pet him as long as we stay outside. He’s a rather serious fellow who has a number of fields to patrol for foxes and raccoons. He also has a sense of responsibility when it comes to the numbers of voles in the garden.

When I go for my daily walk, I often see him in a dry ditch along the road. I like that he greets me with a meow.

I named him Valcor because he looks like the Luck Dragon in the Never Ending Story.

Carol Chapman

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Honeybee in Flower Photograph

Perhaps you’re wondering if I managed to get any good photographs of honeybees, considering the way they zoomed around like little air-borne torpedoes.

Well, I did. Many of the photographs took look grand, especially with the early morning dew on the flowers and leaves. I’m pleased to say that I will have enough photographs to choose a great one for next year’s “Divine in Nature: With Quotes from Edgar Cayce” calendar.

Here’s an example:

A Honeybee gathers
nectar early in the

Carol Chapman

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Photography: Honey Bees

It’s now time to take photographs for next year’s “Divine in Nature: with Quotes from Edgar Cayce” calendar. I have just had the most amazing fun taking photographs of honey bees. The tiny creatures are so delightful and pretty in their velvet vests, and so busy and focused on their business.  

Since a number of the psychic readings given by the “sleeping prophet” on seeing the divine in nature refer to bees, I thought it’d be a good idea to take pictures of them.

Well, I had no idea the little critters could fly so fast! It’s easy to take their picture while they’re buzzing around in the flower collecting honey. But, as soon as they catapult out of the flower, they blast out as if they’ve been shot by a cannon. My auto-focus digital camera can’t focus in time.

Furthermore, I wanted a picture of them flying with their legs hanging down. Guess what? They often fly with their legs up imitating a torpedo.

When I finally did get a relatively in-focus image of a bee flying with legs hanging down, its wings were whirring so rapidly that the wings didn’t even register in the picture. And, the little fuzzy buzzer almost flew out of the frame–too busy to cooperate. They do not pose well.p>

Here’s two only-slightly out-of-focus pictures of the amazing creatures:

Web-Bee-Torpedo Web-Bee-lower-right
Torpedo Bee flies
straight toward me
with legs up after
catapulting out of
a flower.
Flying out of the frame.
The wings move so
fast they don’t register
in the picture.

Carol Chapman

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Calendar Cover

This is the BIG DAY when I am going to do what I promised a number of posts ago.

At last, I’m going to insert a photograph into this blog. I promised that I’d show you the front cover of the “Divine in Nature: With Quotes from Edgar Cayce” 2008 Calendar that I designed and that contains my photographs.

“Divine in Nature:
With Quotes by
Edgar Cayce”
2008 Calendar
by Carol Chapman and
Clair Balsley

To your success and happiness!


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Photographs of Fish Hawks

I’m all fired up about making calendars. This weekend, I went out to get photographs for next year’s calendar.

 The ospreys are nesting on markers along the river. We went out sailing in the morning.

Morning light is fantastic for taking pictures. It’s when the light is fresh, clean, and soft—not harsh like it is at mid-day. Overhead light on a sunny day also makes strong shadows that can detract from an otherwise fantastic picture. Many people don’t realize that overcast can give the best pictures because the light is more even.

I got some wonderful pictures of ospreys—fish hawks. They have the most amazing yellow eyes.  © 2007 Carol Chapman  

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