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Advantages and Disadvantages of Intuitive Decision Making

I learned one of the really important advantages and disadvantages of intuitive decision making when I ignored my intuition and the house got hit by lightning.

When my husband and I had been looking at the house to buy it, I heard and saw the biggest “NO” in my mind as we drove away from viewing the house. But, of course, my husband and I bought the house anyway, because we like it so much and couldn’t image what could be wrong with it.

Well, it wasn’t that there was something wrong with the house. It’s that your intuition can know way more than you can know consciously or emotionally.

In fact, I can’t believe our house was hit by lightning. I felt more than very sad. I felt discouraged and humiliated as if the Universe had struck us down with a bad omen. The following video shows the devastation caused by the lightning strike.

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The Man of My Dreams – Excerpt from When We Were Gods

When We Were Gods: When We Were Gods book cover
Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 1:
The Man of My Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that changed your life? Have you ever had a dream come true?

Everyone says they want to find the man or woman of their dreams. But what if it happened to you? What if you dreamt of a stranger you were supposed to marry—and then saw that person the next day? What would you do? Would you go up to them and say, “I just dreamt I’m supposed to marry you?” Or would you wait and watch, wondering what kind of person you had dreamt about?

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Meditation Video Inspires Hope for Peace

This is a gorgeous video that includes interviews with Greg Braden and Deepak Chopra.

The title, “The Time Is Now – Awaken,” interested me since, while writing The Golden Ones, I had a very unusual experience similar to channeling. In the middle of the night, this other-worldly being told me I needed a different title for my book. Instead, it should be called, “Awaken – The Time is Now.”

Therefore, I’m always interested in videos with a similar theme. This video not only has interviews, but also scientific evidence that meditation can influence people around us. For example, it shows the results of an experiment in which many people went into meditation in Washington, D.C. During the time the people were in meditation, the crime rate in the city plummeted. Amazing!

It’s also a very well-made video. You’ll enjoy it!

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Reviews of Have Your Heart’s Desires

Have Your Hearts Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life or Change Your Life with Inspirational Prayers, Forgive, Help Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Body Mind Spirit Healing

Here are some reviews of Have Your Heart’s Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life. More reviews can be read on

Susan Lendvay
Publications Editor for Venture Inward Magazine and Newsletter at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

“I’ve read almost all your book, and I think it’s wonderful. Anybody who reads it, would probably be inspired to try some of those techniques. And I recognized all the same things Everett used to tell me too, and I’m sure all the other folks who asked him about anything, for example: Say “thank you” for everything, etc. Your personal examples of results, wanted and unwanted, are so helpful and encouraging. And your not telling people who their God or higher self should be—that makes it so universal. I don’t mean to sound like a book review, but just telling you how much I like and respect this book.

“It would be a super Christmas gift and it would also be a super e-book for those electronically inclined people.”

Lindy van Burik
Co-moderator of the Edgar Cayce Forum in Virginia Beach, VA, US

“Author Carol Chapman delivers an up-beat hopeful message that we can change our lives in many ways and describes why and how to do so.  As the first installment of Your Spiritual Awakening series, the author gives practical examples of using tools such as gratitude lists and specific prayers for manifestation, forgiveness, and release of resentment with guidelines on the wording and time frame for the greatest results. Furthermore, many examples are shared with the reader to show the varied results and the impact that the prayers had as well as how J. Everett Irion helped guide and lead Carol at a young age to use the power of prayer.”

Peggy Day
Co-author of Psychic Children: A Sign of Our Expanding Awareness

“What a jewel of a book this is! And how WONDERFUL to have Mr. Irion’s wisdom brought back into manifestation in this way! This little volume will be SUCH a gift to the world!”

Shannon Wills
Nanaimo, BC, Canada

“This little book allowed me to reach a deeper appreciation of all that life offers; to see the perfection of my life’s path; and from that place, a more humble heart emerged as I followed Carol’s prescribed route to manifesting my heart’s desires through the auspices of prayer.”

Find out more about Have Your Heart’s Desire.

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Book Excerpt – Have Your Heart’s Desire

Have Your Hearts Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life or Change Your Life with Inspirational Prayers, Forgive, Help Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Body Mind Spirit HealingHave Your Heart’s Desire:
Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life

Chapter Two:
Appreciate Everything

“The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to the Supreme Power is a liberation or expenditure of force; it cannot fail to reach that to which it is addressed. And, as a result, God responds with an instantaneous movement toward you.”
~ Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

As I said earlier, Everett was full of wisdom and kindness. During the time I had the good fortune to visit him, I learned many wonderful things. We used to have great discussions on the meaning of life.

Everett taught me to be thankful for everything. At first blush, this suggestion sounds like a Gratitude List, like those suggested by Oprah and The Secret (the popular book and movie describing the Law of Attraction).

Gratitude List
Both Oprah and The Secret recommend that you make a daily list of all that you have to be thankful for. This is wonderful, especially when you feel discouraged. It helps you to see how much there is in your life to appreciate. In addition, when those inevitable hurts and losses occur, you can remind yourself of all that you have.

The Gratitude List is a great way to get you out of the trash can when the lid is wedged shut. There is nothing like being grateful for all that you have as a way of blasting that trash can lid off of your depression or your helpless feelings.

According to Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, gratitude is the first step in the process of attracting the things, relationships, health, and happiness we all strive for. It is an important step in the process of the Law of Attraction.

When you are grateful, it sets powerful forces to work in your life. When you emphasize all that you have to be thankful for, you become a person that attracts more items, relationships, and opportunities for which to be thankful. It works on the principle of like attracts like.

If you are a person who mainly complains or feels sorry for yourself, you attract more reasons to complain or pity yourself. However, if you are thankful—and you will be as you keep a Gratitude List consistently—you will attract more reasons to be grateful.

To my surprise, I have discovered that people I would never have suspected of keeping a Gratitude List do so. For example, I recently spent a week at a writer’s retreat with a girlfriend who is a murder mystery writer. I’ve known this woman for a number of years and always saw her as a pragmatic and conservative person rather than a person who is open to body/mind/spirit concepts.

However, after a couple of days, she must have felt comfortable enough with me to mention, as she said goodnight and traipsed off to her bedroom, that she had made some wonderful progress on her writing and therefore already knew what she was going to put on her Gratitude List.

“What?” I asked. “You keep a Gratitude List?”

She told me how much it helped her to list those things she felt grateful for before she went to bed.

“You have no idea how much this has helped in my work and in my life.”

“But,” she added, “I limit it to only five things per night. Otherwise, you can wear yourself out with the list and stop doing it.”

I thought that was good advice. I realized that I had probably stopped keeping a Gratitude List because I had been writing too long a list and had become discouraged because of the time it took me.

In discussions with my friend about her Gratitude List, I also realized that in the past I had only included items in my personal life for which I felt grateful. I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me to list items from my work and business. I now try to look at the whole spectrum of my life for items to include on my Gratitude List.

Taking Gratitude to the Next Level
The Law of Attraction has been around much longer than The Secret. Everett knew it well. He taught me to take gratitude even further. He told me to be thankful for everything, even the things I did not like. In fact, he advised me to be especially thankful for the things that are as frightening as a rhinoceros fuming and getting ready to charge. In other words, for those items in your life that you fear, hate, and dread.

“There is a spiritual law in the Universe,” he told me again. “Like attracts like.”

If all you can do is wail and moan, then all you will get is something more to wail and moan about. However, as soon as you start being thankful for everything, the Universe will rush to find ways to give you more things to be thankful for.

“What?” you say, “Be thankful for the husband who beats me, for the mother that drinks, for this lousy job, for this unemployment, for this financial disaster, for this handicap? You’ve got to be kidding. If I’m going to be thankful for all this, I’m just going to get more of the same.”

No, Everett was not kidding. To begin, he did not mean that you should not feel angry for the troubles in your life. He did not mean to be passive or to be a doormat. Your anger helps you to figure out how to protect yourself and the ones you love. Everett did not mean you should be complacent for your lousy job or your alcoholic mother.

He did mean, though, that instead of spending your time feeling sorry for yourself or complaining, that if you felt grateful, you might see these difficulties as challenges instead of setbacks. You might see your problems as learning opportunities rather than disasters. In short, you might find the inner strength to better deal with your situation.

I suspect that Everett gave this advice to me because, at the time, I was going through a very difficult period in my first marriage. It was ending, and I was devastated. No, I was not handling the situation very well. I had bouts of rage and spent my time complaining, blaming, and feeling sorry for myself. Everett’s advice: to be thankful for every-thing—“and, I mean everything”—was the best advice anyone ever gave me. It helped to stem my tendency to make things worse by wallowing in self pity and feeling helpless.

Everett was trying to get through to me that the all-powerful subconscious operates on different rules than the conscious mind. To many it may appear that a person can control their life by fighting against the difficulties that come up. However, in matters under the control of the subconscious, you make better headway by being thankful for those very circumstances in your life that appear to cause you the most distress.

“Why?” you may ask.

In J. Everett Irion’s book, Why Do We Dream?, he explains that our souls have a greater idea of life than our conscious mind’s limited understanding of our intended purpose. By giving thanks for everything, we show our faith in our Higher Nature and its purposes for us.

In Why Do We Dream?, Everett also explains:

“This understanding, if accepted rather than rejected, will come as a natural result of the operation of the living creative forces, as they bring us a quality of being that may well be incomprehensible to our conscious minds, because it is imprinted in that first creation, which we cannot remember—This type of faith is inherent in a planted seed bringing forth fruit—By adopting the faith and acceptance that nature reveals to us, can we not see that a fundamental change in our reactions to everyday events would constitute a growth in consciousness?”

Furthermore, in the The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles states that:

“The moment you allow your mind to dwell with displeasure upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You fix attention upon the common, the poor, the squalid, and the mean—and your mind takes the form of these things. You will then transmit these forms or mental images to the formless. Thus, the common, the poor, the squalid, and the mean will come to you.”

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Have Your Heart’s Desire Table of Contents

Have Your Hearts Desire: Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life or Change Your Life with Inspirational Prayers, Forgive, Help Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Body Mind Spirit HealingHave Your Heart’s Desire:
Tools for a Wealthier, Healthier, Happier Life

Table of Contents

Your Spiritual Awakening Series
Foreword by Nancy C. Chrisbaum

Chapter 1: A Kind and Psychic Counselor
Chapter 2: Appreciate Everything
Chapter 3: A Lesson in Soul Power
Chapter 4: The Magical 40-Day Manifestation Prayer
Chapter 5: Guidelines for Using the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer
Chapter 6: What to Expect from the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer
Chapter 7: Powerful Prayers
Chapter 8: Making Wise Choices
Chapter 9: The Profound 40-Day Forgiveness Prayer
Chapter 10: Free Yourself of Resentment
Chapter 11: The Paradox of the Subconscious
Chapter 12: Grace

Appendix: The Prayers
Other Books by the Author
Other SunTopaz Items
About the Author


Find out more about Have Your Heart’s Desire.


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Speaking Event: November 16, Charlottesville: Atlantis and its Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan

Carol ChapmanCome join me in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, December 16, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m at Unity of Charlottesville on 2825 Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia, $20 per person.

I’ll be speaking on: Atlantis and its Colonies in Egypt and Yucatan. Here’s the description from the flyer:

Why is the lost continent of Atlantis so exciting? The media knows they can grab our attention by announcing (yet again) that Atlantis has been found! Could it be that we resonate to news of Atlantis because many of us carry past life memories of our experiences in that technologically advanced ancient civilization? Although Atlantis has yet to be found, author and lecturer Carol Chapman believes that evidence actually exists of Atlanteans in Egypt and Yucatan. In addition, Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings for individuals with past lives in Atlantis reveals the fascinating story of the exodus of survivors from the sinking Atlantis to safety lands. In this workshop, participants will discover what the earth looked like during Atlantean times and how very different the people looked like then as compared to modern man. Questions will be answered, including:

  • Why did the Atlanteans choose Egypt and Yucatan to colonize?
  • Where did Cayce say we could find evidence of Atlantis?
  • Is there a possibility that the ancient Egyptian and Mayan gods were actually Atlaneans?
  • Who was Ra Ta? Who was Hept-Supht, and why did he leave Atlantis for Egypt?
  • What on earth was “the mighty, the terrible crystal” (Edgar Cayce Reading 519-1)?

 To register call 434-242-7348 or e-mail:

For more details, visit

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Reviews of When We Were Gods

When We Were Gods book coverOver the years, I have been blessed to received feedback from many individuals about my book When We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening. Several professionals have also written reviews.  I’ve included some of both below. In addition, reviews have been posted on as well as some on, including one by a top 500 reviewer.

John Anthony West
Author of Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

“The writing is professional, the first person approach direct, unselfconscious, and uncluttered. I was interested in reading more—that doesn’t happen often.”

Christopher Dunn
Author of The Giza Power Plant

“We should not underestimate the discrete, immeasurable influences of nature. In When We Were Gods, Carole Chapman unfolds a personal quest and vision that is not only entertaining, but inspirational.”

Susan Lendvay

Associate Editor, Venture Inward

“An incredibly interesting book, beautifully written. It reminds me of Shirley MacLaine’s The Camino—about the time before we had bodies, when the sexes weren’t yet separated.”

Ricki Baer, PsyD
North Carolina, USA

“I cannot imagine the courage it took to write this book . . . Slowly we realize that we are not simply enjoying a dramatic adventure . . . It is an epistle of enlightened facts, divinely inspired and beautifully written, providing astounding insights into our world’s fundamental mysteries and our own deepest knowledge.”

Verna J.
Reader, Ontario, Canada

This book is incredible. The information that came in to the author was information I was looking for-of how the soul came to Earth, about Atlantis, and the future. It’s very spiritual but also very logical-how things work and why things work.”

Virginia Hulsey
Reader, Richmond, Virginia, US

“I just read your book, When We Were Gods, for the SECOND time, something I very rarely do. But there is so much information in it, I really felt like I wanted to read it again. I have been an [Edgar Cayce’s] A.R.E. member for a long time, but I have to say, you really brought some pieces together!”

Nancy O.
Connecticut, US

“This is a POWERFUL book! Part adventure story and suspense mystery, full of Biblical references and New Age insights, it will appeal to many minds. We are kept riveted to our seats. As When We Were Gods unfolds, we become aware that Carole’s story is OUR story.”

Brent Raynes
Editor of Alternate Perceptions and author of Visitors from Hidden Realms

When We Were Gods is a thought-provoking first-person account of Carole Chapman’s hypnotic exploration of apparent and ancient past life memories of a most incredible nature—‘memories’ that cited an extraterrestrial origin, as well as a past life, a strange root race, and the superior and mysterious technology of Atlantis, with a thing called ‘snake travel’ (would quantum physics call it a ‘wormhole’?) thrown in the mix. What you have is a fascinating autobiographical accounting of Carole’s memories, how she initially reacted to them and eventually came to deal with them, and the efforts and lengths to which she undertook to try and objectively confirm the truth of their reality—a journey and search that took her to Central America and Egypt. What she learned challenges conventional science and understanding, and it may take the emerging science of theoretical quantum physics  to eventually confirm the actual truth of their bewildering ‘memories.’ A genuinely intriguing and thought-provoking book.”

Mary D. Jones
Curled Up with a Good Book

When We Were Gods tells of the amazing and true stories of one woman’s discovery of her destiny. Author and spiritual seminar leader Carole Chapman went to a hypnotherapist to try to lose weight, and instead got an entry into a world of spiritual guides and powerful messages for the good of humanity in this intriguing story of awakening.

“Chapman had no idea her goal of losing weight would lead her to uncover the inner secrets of lost civilizations like Atlantis, and what they might mean for future generations of Golden Ones, children who would transform the world with Atlantaen wisdom and technological savvy. Her story mirrors that of many spiritual seekers who have also reported channeling information from other worlds, especially messages meant to give hope and a new outlook to those of us locked into the fate of this world. As the author makes her discoveries through various sessions with her hypnotherapist, she reveals all the important information she is being given to pass on to others, all the while remaining just a little skeptical of her newfound connection to this lost wisdom.

“The book covers much of the usual New Age territory, such as the presence of special “root races” throughout history that have transformed society and human consciousness, and she even talks about Indigo Children, a subject oft-mentioned in New Age sources. But one thing she does do that other books don’t is really get into the Jesus thing, with plenty of info about the Christ consciousness and the power of Christ that is available to all of us.

“The best parts of When We Were Gods are actually the intimate conversations Chapman had with her husband and children, during which she was forced to confront her own skepticism and doubts. These conversations provide the reader with a more personal look at how the author processes the unusual events happening in her world, especially in context with how she is being viewed by those closest to her.

“I found When We Were Gods to be interesting, hopeful and inspired by the sincere desire of the author to understand what she was being told by these divine messengers, and why she of all people was chosen to pass the info on to others. Much of the material will be old hat to those immersed in New Age and metaphysical subjects, but her insight does provide some new perceptions about why God allows suffering and what the destiny of the current “root race” may be. Whether or not it is all true, what matters most is that the author believes in a more Golden time to come, and her hope is infectious.”

Originally published on Curled Up With a Good Book at (C) Marie D. Jones, 2005

Daniel Kolos
Egyptologist, poet, and co-author of The Name of the Dead: Tutankhamund Translated

“Dreams connect us to our own innermost consciousness. Those of us who don’t take our dreams seriously miss out on life-changing signals. Then, years later, we begin to listen to our dreams and what happens? These dreams are still the same old, stale, outdated ones that were trying to get through to us years before! If we turn away from our dreams a second time, we may never have their benefit. But if we record them patiently, soon the dreams begin to catch up to our present, become meaningful and take their place as an equal contributor to our ‘mind’ along with intellect, intelligence, intuition, and many other functions.

“Carol Chapman listened to her dreams. She shared them with a friend and together they expanded Carloe’s dreams to include past life memories.  Her consciousness expanded outwards to encompass the stars, and inwards, to the awesome operations of her chakra-system. Then she found the ‘Golden Ones’ children of this world whose souls were aligned with God in order to bring in a New World in which there would be a thousand years of peace. Carol’s purpose in this lifetime was to awaken these Golden Ones to their destiny!

“Carol’s path paralleled her daughter’s. Clair’s nonchalance gave Carol the courage to continue. They spoke of the Fifth Root Race, the Great Pyramid of Giza and Atlantis. Carol’s timidity often got in her way and time and again she heeded other people’s help to ‘get on with it’.  Along the way, however, she missed some obvious observations. About the Great Pyramid, for example, she could have easily noted that all those millions of people who have visited this mysterious ‘power plant’ have likely been unconsciously stamped with ancient Atlantean knowledge. In turn, all these people carry that knowledge about with them, waiting for it to awaken into their consciousness.

“In order to awaken the Golden Ones, Carol had “to write a history of the soul on earth.” Along the way she was forced to think, to consult with a friend, and she came upon insights most serious meditators inevitably find, but in her own unique way: “The light beam knew no sorrow.” For me that would have been ‘unconditional love was not mitigated by sorrow.’

“That the light beam “indulged in sexual play” was obvious to some of the ancient people. In Greek mythology, Danae, whose father had hidden her in a subterranean chamber, was sought out and impregnated by Zeus himself in the form of a shower of gold.  Similar stories have the maidens impregnated by the sun, whose color is gold. (Frazer, The Golden Bough, Chapter 60, section 3)

“Carol asks the age-old question whether or not sexuality was the cause of the ‘fall’, and, in the process discovers the duality of light and darkness. Light was pure energy while darkness was the change of energy into corporeality.  Unfortunately Carol names this descent into bodily form the work of ‘Satan’, although she realizes that the ‘sin’ or the mistake of having been drawn from a consciousness of an energetic being to that of a corporeal being was a choice she had made. She calls this choice of becoming trapped ‘disobedience’ and lack of humility. In a sense Carol comes to the same conclusion Rudolf Steiner reached a century ago and he also portrayed Satan as a suave, sophisticated tempter whose job it is to make people forget their connection to their own energetic selves, to pull them into the unbalanced trap of indulging in their physical pleasures and prowess and to forget the way out. In this sense Carol traveled the well-worn path of the cathartic rediscovery of her own light-being.  In another sense, Carol had figuratively impregnated her consciousness and was reborn to the realization that there is a life beyond the physical body, something our culture takes great pains to suppress.

“Carol does not examine the source of disobedience that caused her own ‘original sin.’ She does not make the connection to her own responsibility of being able to make a choice. This ability is akin to the vast difference between Christianity as we know it, and the ancient Gnostics:  orthodox religion demands that we believe, while Gnosticism assures us we are ‘able to know’ God. And if the essence of God is reflected in a light beam, and or inner selves are part of that light beam, then indeed we not only are able to ‘know’ God, but carry God’s essence within each of us! So when Carol begins her with the observation that a ‘light beam knows no sorrow,’ she is actually re-initiating this Gnostic process of examining her own connection to the essence of God and trying to figure out how she lost it in the first place!

“Duality causes paradoxes and Carol discovers these in her own life as well as in the life of Christ. By reconnecting with her own inner light being, something that is part of her every cell, every thought, she realizes that she is not lost in her own physical mire and sees the way home, where dualism resolved itself back into the light. And she accomplishes this process through the trance of hypnotherapy.  And in that realization she discovers the history of the soul!

“Having practiced past life therapy ever since my own ‘therapist’ passed into his light being, I was touched by Carol’s persistence to continue this process of self-discovery that proved to be far greater than the self.  It took into the presence of illuminated beings, solved the mystery of Christ’s washing of the feet of his disciples (teaching by doing, or role-modeling). This experience leads Carol to discover unconditional love.

“Some questions arose in my mind, as they did in Carol’s. Was she being self-centered, self-indulgent in putting herself as the center of the universe from which she was supposed to radiate light to the rest of us? To stop with a facile answer to that question is to fall short of the process of self-discovery.  Having studied developmental psychology and the related neurobiological field that is still expanding exponentially as the fastest growing field of study, I concluded that just as every human being has to go through childhood in order to grow and develop into an adult, physically, emotionally and intellectually, we also have to go through that process spiritually and likely in several other yet unexplored areas of our existence.  Spiritual development, usually repressed by culture outside such controlled environments as churches, mosques and synagogues, is usually repressed by culture because it is socially uncontrollable and unpredictable. But once an individual begins the spiritual development, it is like any other form of development. Spiritual awareness has its own infancy, grows through its own ‘childhood’ before it unfolds into maturity. Most adults do not wish to go through such seeming infantile regression! And Carol, self-conscious of the self-centeredness, wondering why she has to go through it, nevertheless persevered through it. Along the way she finds Christ’s message, including the Second Coming, deciphered.

“Carol reached her next cathartic moment when she realized that spending time in the spiritual dimension comes with a price: the seeming loss of the senses, the transcending of the body. We tend to equate the loss of the senses with being insane, and it is well documented that thousands of people under psychiatric care lost their senses and sanity. Carol struggled with the seemingly vast gap between the information filtering down to her as a ‘light being’ and her everyday life, which seemed so mundane in contrast to such grand events as the Second Coming, reincarnation memories from Atlantis, and being charged with writing a book to awaken the Golden Ones!

“Even Pan had a hand in writing this book! In some of her visions he dictated too Carole how the book should begin.). He seemed to know about Atlantis, Egypt, the role of the Great Pyramid and Carole’s calling.  but he also had overriding concerns, asking humanity above all to ‘do no harm!’ His greatest lesson to teach us is that “death and re-birth is a gift.” Finally Pan left with a piece of advice for us all, to do some gardening: “Grow something!”

“Carole did a stint on Toronto’s Ward Island at the time city hall threatened to remove its residents. It was a great school for grass roots cooperation in the face of bureaucratic insensitivity.

“Carole returns to her self-doubts again and again. All people have doubts of one sort or another, but Carole seems to use hers for self-motivation: to return to hypnosis, to contact her inner self.

“The Five Root Races are:
1. Light beam
2. Wisp-of-smoke, translucent amber beings
3. Going in and out of bodes in Atlantis
4. Modified animal bodies as we know ourselves now
5. Golden, unchanging auras, loving people who do no harm, They will be able to return to the light beam and back into their body at will.

“In the meantime, a loose form of Christ-centered Brotherhood begins to emerge from Carole’s writing. This Brotherhood is ‘etheric’ or, more precisely, part of her visionary energy. But when I began to read about the Brotherhood and Carole’s curious interaction with them, I began to ‘know’ what she was going through. I have read about this energetic Brotherhood a long time ago, and through the help of various selfless people, I encountered them in 2003 at a conference in Allegan, Michigan. Carole was there!  She didn’t know what I was going through, and I didn’t know at that time the focus of her ‘work’. I was pursuing a study of the role of Goddess worship throughout history. I had spent the previous year working with the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, the lioness Goddess of both Destruction and Healing. Carole had encountered a ‘lifetime’ when she was an Egyptian Goddess!

“Then I turned to the last thousand years of history and the role of the three Marys and their relationship to the Knights Templars. It was after one of my more animated presentations in Allegan about the Knights having sailed to the Americas centuries before Columbus, that Mary Hardy, our host, asked the speakers to form a meditative circle and introduced us to the etheric Knights Templars who have accompanied her and have supported her work for years. That is where, with head bowed, these Knights also appeared to me and spoke about their ‘Brotherhood’ that transcends all organizational ties humanity has created.

“As I read Carole’s Chapter 17, I shivered: I also went through a time of medically untreatable skin irritation (in 1984-85) that only cleared up when a friend recommended I explore my past lives and I found the ‘cause’ of my unresolved problem in ancient Egypt! I also had to decide to forego ‘fame’ and work closely and selflessly with smaller groups of people. When I read Carole’s dreams of knowing about a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid that contained Atlantean records, I also remembered a 1963 dream in which I ‘saw’ three other people open that chamber, exactly as Edgar Cayce had foreseen it, and I was one of the follow-up people who helped to translate the ancient texts! I too have come to the personal realization that Christ’s Second Coming is a personal matter unique to each individual. When I finished Chapter 17, I recognized that Carole was following her own divine guidance.

“The rest of the book was almost like ‘deja vu’. Many years ago I struggled with Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the “Egyptian Mysteries” wherein humanity had descended into our current physical bodies in similar stages as Carole’s Five Root Races.

“Some years ago I had studied the Chakra system and its relationship with the body’s endocrine system, and acknowledged that each ‘chakra’ might be a transmitter and receiver of different energies, giving us another seven levels of sentience over and above our five senses. Then, when Carolyn Myss came out with her first book, everything fell into place for me: our chakras are indeed our connection to our light bodies.

“We change the world by changing ourselves, one at a time. Perhaps it is a chain reaction, and the Golden Ones to whom Carole Chapman has dedicated her life, will get the message and see the light, see their potential to return to their light bodies by following the examples and role modeling that people like Carole provide them.”

Find out more about When We Were Gods.

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The Vision – Excerpt from When We Were Gods

When We Were Gods book coverWhen We Were Gods:
Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light and Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 5:
The Vision

As Lynn started to summarize the Atlantean lifetime, she asked, “What is the reason for your needing to reconnect with this old, old memory now, in terms of the unfolding path that you’re following in your life?”

I answered, “My sense is to gather the faithful … It’s that there are people that could be trusted … that are good.”

I saw young people bowed on one knee. They were frightened and in despair because our world seemed insane to them. Around them swirled a maelstrom of darkness. The evil and selfishness around them fell away as they began to arise and glow. They were the Golden Ones, the hope of the world. Their souls were aligned with God—to bring in a New World in which there would be a thousand years of peace. It was my purpose to awaken them to their destiny.

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