To be Thankful for so many things in our lives

to be thankful

There’s so much to be thankful for. I like this video, because it reminds me of those many things there are to be thankful for. I find that on those days when things don’t work out, or I’m not feeling well, or I’m surrounded by grumpy, pushy people, it really helps to think about those things in my life to be thankful for.   … Continue reading

10 Million Dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction

10 million dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction

Have you heard the story about the 10 million dollars Jim Carrey and the Law of Attraction? I wondered if this was just a made up rumor or if it actually happened. So, what was this rumor? To begin, you may know Jim Carrey as the slapstick comedian, for such laugh fests as Dumb and Dumber and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. However, while still an unknown, he used to drive to the Hollywood sign every day and imagine the life he wanted to live. Once there, he’d visualize producers and directors calling him to give him parts in their movies. Most specifically, he’d visualize receiving a 10 … Continue reading

Metal Eating Plants Spoof

metal eating plants spoof

For a metal eating plants spoof video, you’ve got to see the video made by these outrageous guys, the Science Jerks. Indeed, they’ve taken a hilarious look at the subject of metal eating plants. What do you think? Is their video amusing? Or anyway, I found it hilarious. You may not. I’d love to know what you thought about the video. Leave your comment in the “Comments” section at the bottom of this post. Video on Metal Eating Plants in previous post Remember my “Metal eating plants clean the earth” post? If you remember, it contained a link to a serious, but delightful, video … Continue reading

Dream Interpretation BlueBird


I just had a dream with a bluebird in it so I looked online for meanings.

Happily, I found this great dream dictionary site called Dream Moods: What’s in YOUR dream? Continue reading

Bermuda Triangle True Story

Bermuda Triangle True Story Map

Do you have a Bermuda Triangle true story? I just came across my first and wanted to share it with you. In fact, everything I previously knew about the Bermuda Triangle came from reading online articles, published books, and videos. Therefore, these stories were not an actual true life account of a real person’s experience. Therefore, sometimes I wondered if most of the stories came from only a few sources. Then I wondered, could I believe these sources? Who are they, anyway? After all, I consider accounts of compass needles spinning, and boats disappearing as pretty fantastic! Fortunately, you never know where you’re going to come across a … Continue reading

Dream Interpretation: Darkness

Dream Interpretation: Dark A footbridge in a dark forest

Today, I’ve decided to write about Dream Interpretation: Darkness. That’s because I’ve noticed that a number of people have written to me with dreams in which “dark” or “darkness” was a significant symbol. By the way, I’ve included those dreams (or excerpts from them) below. If you’re interested, you’ll find them among the dreams posted in the comments section of: Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge. In addition, I recently had a dream in which I dreamed about a thick, impenetrable dark forest. So, now, that made me really curious! What could darkness mean in a dream? Online Dream Dictionaries on Dream Interpretation: Darkness or Dark … Continue reading

Gorgeous Video: The Great God Pan

Great God Pan

Is the Great God Pan a lascivious debaucher of maidens? Or, is he the Lord of the Wilderness? What do you think? To watch the video, please scroll down to the actual video, which is larger than the picture of the video on the right. As I wrote, in When We Were Gods, I learned that Pan had concern for the whole natural world, including humanity. I called him Lord of the Wilderness. Therefore, since my encounter with Pan, I now have a great appreciation for his relationship with nature. Also I enjoy the mythological fables of his associations with nymphs and other nature spirits. … Continue reading

Forgiveness matters! [Video]

Forgiveness Matters

We yearn for forgiveness: both for ourselves and also to be able to forgive those who have wronged us. As you’ve probably found, if you don’t forgive those who have hurt you, you continue to suffer. The person no longer hurts you. Now, you hurt yourself. Unbidden, you find the uncomfortable memories rearing up in your mind. In fact, you may dwell on the memories, complain about the person to others, and even plot revenge. Meanwhile, the person who hurt you doesn’t even know. That person may even be dead! Forgiveness May Be Difficult to Come By Unfortunately, sometimes forgiveness does not … Continue reading

Serpent Mound with Egg

Serpent Mound with Egg

Did ancient indigenous people create the Ohio Serpent Mound with Egg in memory of Atlanteans traveling to North America? In my past life memories of Atlantis, I looked like a glowing egg. In addition, I’d fallen into a serpent’s mouth and flew through the atmosphere to land at another location on earth. Therefore, I’m always interested in images created by ancient peoples in which a serpent has an egg in its mouth. As you can see in the sketch, above right, the Serpent Mound with Egg looks like a serpent with seven coils. The open mouth of the serpent surrounds an oval object … Continue reading

Encounter with Pan

Giant Sunflowers grew after my Encounter with Pan.

Have you ever had an Encounter with Pan? If so, I’d like to hear about it. Please describe your experience in the comments section below. Interestingly, since my book When We Were Gods was published, I’ve heard from numerous people who have had an Encounter with Pan. Often he appears while a person is outdoors. Sometimes, they are gardening. However, my experience occurred in the middle of the night. Something woke me from sleep. In When We Were Gods, I include my own Encounter with Pan. He appeared to me with a message for humanity. I learned that nature wants to and can … Continue reading