Dream Interpretation BlueBird


I just had a dream with a bluebird in it so I looked online for meanings.

Happily, I found this great dream dictionary site called Dream Moods: What’s in YOUR dream? Continue reading

Bermuda Triangle True Story

Bermuda Triangle True Story Map

Do you have a Bermuda Triangle true story? I just came across my first and wanted to share it with you. In fact, everything I previously knew about the Bermuda Triangle came from reading online articles, published books, and videos. Therefore, these stories were not an actual true life account of a real person’s experience. Therefore, sometimes I wondered if most of the stories came from only a few sources. Then I wondered, could I believe these sources? Who are they, anyway? After all, I consider accounts of compass needles spinning, and boats disappearing as pretty fantastic! Fortunately, you never know where you’re going to come across a … Continue reading

Dream Interpretation: Darkness

Dream Interpretation: Dark A footbridge in a dark forest

Today, I’ve decided to write about Dream Interpretation: Darkness. That’s because I’ve noticed that a number of people have written to me with dreams in which “dark” or “darkness” was a significant symbol. By the way, I’ve included those dreams (or excerpts from them) below. If you’re interested, you’ll find them among the dreams posted in the comments section of: Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge. In addition, I recently had a dream in which I dreamed about a thick, impenetrable dark forest. So, now, that made me really curious! What could darkness mean in a dream? Online Dream Dictionaries on Dream Interpretation: Darkness or Dark … Continue reading

Gorgeous Video: The Great God Pan

Great God Pan

Is the Great God Pan a lascivious debaucher of maidens? Or, is he the Lord of the Wilderness? What do you think? As I wrote, in When We Were Gods, I learned that Pan had concern for the whole natural world, including humanity. I called him Lord of the Wilderness. Therefore, since my encounter with Pan, I now have a great appreciation for his relationship with nature. Also I enjoy the mythological fables of his associations with nymphs and other nature spirits. YouTube Videos on the Great God Pan Sadly, I’ve found some videos on YouTube that emphasize the lascivious nature of Pan. It’s almost … Continue reading

Forgiveness matters! [Video]

Forgiveness Matters

We yearn for forgiveness: both for ourselves and also to be able to forgive those who have wronged us. As you’ve probably found, if you don’t forgive those who have hurt you, you continue to suffer. The person no longer hurts you. Now, you hurt yourself. Unbidden, you find the offensive memories rearing up in your mind. You may dwell on the memories, complain about the person to others, and even plot revenge. Meanwhile, the person who hurt you doesn’t even know. That person may even be dead! Forgiveness May Be Difficult to Come By Unfortunately, sometimes forgiveness does not come … Continue reading

Serpent Mound with Egg

Serpent Mound with Egg

Is the Serpent Mound with Egg in Ohio, created by indigenous people in memory of Atlanteans traveling to North America? As you can see in the sketch, right, the Serpent Mound with Egg looks like a serpent with seven coils. The open mouth of the serpent surrounds an oval object that looks like an egg. I found the sketch in a Wikipedia article entitled, Serpent Mound. According to the Wikipedia article, Including all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,370 feet (420 m), and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet (30–100 cm). Serpent Mound The color … Continue reading

Encounter with Pan

Giant Sunflowers grew after my Encounter with Pan.

Have you ever had an Encounter with Pan? If so, I’d like to hear about it. Please describe your experience in the comments section below. Interestingly, since my book When We Were Gods was published, I’ve heard from numerous people who have had an Encounter with Pan. Often he appears while a person is outdoors. Sometimes, they are gardening. However, my experience occurred in the middle of the night. Something woke me from sleep. In When We Were Gods, I include my own Encounter with Pan. He appeared to me with a message for humanity. I learned that nature wants to and can … Continue reading

Metal Eating Plants Clean the Earth

Stanleya pinnata

Metal eating plants can clean the earth–how exciting! You’ll find a wonderful video about heavy metal eating plants down below. For me, this news about heavy metal eating plants is especially exciting. I received information from Pan, Lord of the Wilderness, while writing my book, When We Were Gods. He said that nature was capable of cleaning the earth. I included the information in the book, When We Were Gods. Here’s a quote from the book: “But remember, Pan has also said that nature can and wants to heal the earth.” When this information came to me, I assumed this meant the usual. Plants … Continue reading

Dream Interpretation: End of the World

Dream Interpretation: End of the World

Dream Interpretation: End of the World –a really scary topic! Nonetheless, if you’re looking for information on an end of the world dream you’ve just had, please take a look below. If you feel like it, please share your dream of the end of the world in the comments section. I’m interested in Dream Interpretation: End of the World, because I just had a really frightening dream about the end of the world. In my dream, tornadoes brewed on the horizon. When I awoke, I felt terrified, as if the world was actually ending. I wondered, “Is this true? Is the world really ending?” … Continue reading

Mayan Civilization’s Collapse: Deforestation

Map of the Yucatan Peninsula showing ruins sites

Does this sound familiar? Although this quote is excerpted from a Live Science article about the     ancient Mayan civilization in the rain forests of Guatemala, the reference to tree pollen being replaced by weed pollen sounds a lot like our present civilization. I live in a rural area in the U.S., and everywhere around me, forests are being cut down to create subdivisions. From pollen trapped in ancient layers of lake sediment, scientists have learned that around 1,200 years ago, just before the civilization’s collapse, tree pollen disappeared almost completely and was replaced by the pollen of weeds. In other … Continue reading