Grow a BALCONY Vegetable GARDEN

Grow a Balcony Vegetable Garden describes balcony gardening vegetables you can grow and eat as well as how to overcome balcony vegetable garden problems. Check out the video below:

LINKS to the FERTILIZER and the Book, WHEN WE WERE GODS, Mentioned in the Video

Bio-Live 5-4-2: This is the fertilizer I use in my Balcony Vegetable Garden. I especially like that it’s organic and doesn’t contain chemicals. Wonderfully, it does contain minerals as well as beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, which naturally enliven the soil.

When We Were Gods contains the chapter, “Message from Pan,” which verbalizes Pan, Lord of the Wild’s channeled message to mankind:

Classic Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter 20.5″/50.8cm Kentucky Walnut:

Classic Whiskey Barrel Resin Planter 20.5″/50.8cm Distressed Oak:

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  • 0:00:00 How to grow a balcony vegetable garden in containers
  • 0:00:11 Balcony garden vegetable ideas for beginners
  • 0:02:13 Vegetable gardening in apartment balcony
  • 0:02:52 Why do I have to water my balcony vegetable garden so often?
  • 0:04:14 Container gardening on a balcony
  • 0:05:04 Does my balcony vegetable garden need fertilizer?
  • 0:08:28 When We Were Gods
  • 0:08:46 Message from Pan Lord of the Wild


How to Grow a Balcony Vegetable Garden

A bee visits a beautiful squash blossom.

This year, I am growing this marvelous balcony container garden. I chose to grow vegetables in my balcony garden. In fact, I’m growing yellow squash, okra, and yellow beans. So, in this video, I’m going to tell you some of the trials I had, the things I learned, and also, how to grow a marvelous vegetable garden on your balcony in containers.

How to Grow a Balcony Vegetable Garden

Okra blossoms are simply heavenly.

We get enough squash from these plants that we can eat them pretty much every other day. And then, on the other days, we can have the okra. I love my rooftop garden. I’ve also got some yellow beans, because it’s hard to get yellow beans in the store, and I love yellow or waxed beans – the way they taste.

How to Grow a Balcony Vegetable Garden

Beans come from small, intricate blossoms.

The interesting thing is, even though I’m growing vegetables, I did get to grow some magnificent flowers, because the squash blossoms are so beautiful and also the okra flowers are just heavenly. They’re just so special! And of course, the beans have the prettiest little flowers that are so intricate. I’m really, really happy with my container garden now that I’ve learned how to grow it.


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