TREES Breathe IN What WE Breathe OUT – Carbon Dioxide

Trees breathe in what we breath out, which is carbon dioxide. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, which is responsible for climate change. Because trees breathe in carbon dioxide, they act as our helpers in reducing the greenhouse gas of carbon dioxide. However, trees only breathe in carbon dioxide during the daytime. See more in the video below.

At night, trees do not breathe in carbon dioxide. In the dark nighttime, trees breathe out carbon dioxide, which is no help to us or the planet. If the trees kept their leaves all year long, they would breathe out more carbon dioxide at night during the winter months when the nights are so long. Fortunately, because the trees drop their leaves in the autumn, they don’t breathe out any carbon dioxide during the long nights of the winter months. Therefore, over a year, trees breathe in more carbon dioxide than they would if they kept their leaves all year long.

While writing my book, When We Were Gods, I included a channeled message from Pan, Lord of the Wild, in which he asked us to appreciate nature more.

Trees Breathe In What We Breathe Out

Giant sunflowers grew in my garden after my Encounter with Pan.

The next year, I had the most amazing garden. My peppers were as large as squashes and my sunflowers were so tall that the newspaper did an article on my garden. As a result, I wonder, if nature could do such wonders with my garden, if we appreciated nature more, could trees breathe in even more carbon dioxide?

LINK to WHEN WE WERE GODS, Mentioned in the Video

When We Were Gods:

TIME CODES of Topics in the Video Trees Breathe In What We Breathe Out

  • 0:00:00 Today I’m not talking about climate change oxygen, but about climate change carbon dioxide.
  • 0:00:31 Nature knows best autumn, as the trees drop their leaves.
  • 0:00:57 Photosynthesis
  • 0:01:08 Which gas do trees breathe in?
  • 0:01:44 Trees make our oxygen.
  • 0:01:52 Global warming.
  • 0:02:10 We need oxygen made by trees.
  • 0:03:24 We are so fortunate that the trees are that smart, or Mother Nature is that smart.
  • 0:03:39 Okra plants.
  • 0:07:32 When We Were Gods, memories of Atlantis
  • 0:07:46 Pan Lord of the Wild
  • 0:08:32 My peppers were as big as squashes.
  • 0:08:9 Nature depressed.
  • 0:10:12 Love your trees!


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