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Video: Were they extraterrestrial spaceships or just something strange in the sky?

In this video, I want to tell you about something really strange that was happening in the sky when we were taking the photo that became the cover of When We Were Gods. The reason this was especially strange for me was because, during my past life regressions, I had memories of originally coming from Arcturus to earth. It made me wonder if Arcturians were keeping track of those of us who had become stuck on earth. If you’re interested in the story of my hypnosis sessions, including experiences in the fabulous world of Atlantis, it is in my book, When We Were Gods.

(By the way, just in case you can’t see the video, or it stops partway – it happened to me, my computer is over 5 years old – the transcript is below. In addition, here’s the YouTube link to the video: It might be easier to see the video directly from YouTube.)

My son, Adam Balsley, was going to be my model. And very early in the morning, we were driving to the beach to get a sunrise photo. My senses were on hyper alert, because we were driving through an area that is locally known as the Ghost Coast.

It was also that the headlights of my car had picked up this old abandoned house that looked like it was slowly sinking into the swamp. Paint was peeling, the windows were crooked. It looked like if there were ghosts anywhere, it was going to be in that house. Plus, there was mist drifting over the salt marshes and in front of us, and it made everything really spooky.

When we got to the beach, though, it looked like everything was going to be OK. A wind off the ocean had blown the mist away, and the sky was a gorgeous red color.

Take a look at this photo of Adam dancing around to keep warm while we were waiting for the sun to rise. See those puffy clouds? They were a little bit strange, because they were arranged in a semi-circle beside us and behind us over the salt marshes.

OK, now, here’s the weird thing. There were no clouds anywhere else in the sky. Not over the ocean in front of us, and not in the rest of the sky above us.

I wish I’d taken a photo so I could’ve shown you how regular they looked, arranged two-by-two, about 30 or 40 of them. In fact, they reminded me of a battalion of aircraft hovering just above the horizon.

And that bothered me. Let me tell you why.

I found this book in which the author says she communicates with Arcturians. And guess what she says Arcturian spaceships look like? Like little clouds. (Arcturians are Extraterrestrials from Arcturus, a distant star.)

So, were they Arcturian space ships? Had they turned up to watch the photo shoot?

I have no idea, but it was an amazing coincidence. You know, my best explanation is that this is some kind of natural phenomenon. Perhaps it’s what gives this area the “Ghost Coast” name. In any case, it was just a little bit strange. . . and also quite lovely.

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This is Carol Chapman, author of When We Were Gods.

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Life after Life experience shows surgeon that everyone has a God-given purpose in life

I feel heartened by the story of Wyoming orthopedic surgeon Mary C. Neal, author of To Heaven and Back, who was without air for 14 minutes and almost drowned during a kayaking mishap and survived.

During the 14 minutes when she died, she had what is variously called a “Near Death Experience,” in which a person is clinically dead and is revived, or a “Life After Life” experience in which a person has a Near Death Experience and discovers there is life after death.

Neal says that after she “died” she was greated by a group of loving spiritual beings who led her to a glowing hall where she would have the opportunity to choose God or not.

During her experience, she felt sad, because she was told that she would have to go back to the living to fulfil her purpose in life.

I wonder if part of that purpose was to write her book to help people to face their own inevitable end.

In the following excerpt from an online The Economist “Good Report,” Neal discusses her revelation that God has a purpose for us all:

“Based on my experience, I know that God has a plan for me and for everyone,” she said. “Our job is to listen and try to hear what God is saying to us as he tells us what he needs us to do. The real challenge for us is to give up control and be obedient to what God is asking of us.”

Life After Life: This surgeon says she believes

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Difficulties in life can be opportunities for growth

In a post on this blog dated May 8th, I talked about the difficult situations numerous of my friends were going through and wondered if: “their whole self, their spiritual self, has been trying to get them to enlarge their lives, pursue greater goals, and live healthier lifestyles, and after trying over and over again to get through to the person with gentle hints, longings, and desires to improve their lives, in the end, putting them in a difficult situation has motivated them … finally … to action.”

Interestingly, in an online Deseret News article about a Wyoming surgeon’s Near Death Experience, the surgeon says that her life has changed after being brought back to life. She now has a similar perspective and says that:

“Physical challenges can be opportunities for growth — I think that’s a valuable perspective to maintain. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before.”

Life after life? This Wyoming surgeon says she believes

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Past life regression connects with the afterlife in a previous lifetime

In yesterday’s post I referred to a delightful article on the afterlife. I found the article delightful, because it reminded me of one of my past life regression hypnosis sessions in which the hypnotherapist asked me to go to the last day of my life while I was remembering a previous incarnation. As soon as I died (in that past life), my mother, who had passed on years earlier, was there waiting for me. I felt so happy that I could be with her again. The whole story of this reincarnation memory is in my book When We Were Gods.

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The Afterlife is just another frequency of awareness

I really liked this article on “life after life” posted on The Times of India. Remember, the predominant religion in India is the Hindu religion which believes in reincarnation. As soon as I saw the title of the article, When Your Earth Visa Expires, I knew I wanted to read it. And, as it turned out, I enjoyed the article. It spoke to me. Here’s an excerpt:

When TV channels are changed, it is only awareness that is shifting from one channel to another. The old channel doesn’t cease to exist because the new channel is being viewed. It is just that the screen is now displaying a different frequency. This is the same principle that happens when we die. Our awareness is tuned into a different frequency of creation. The Earth plane does not cease to exist, but for the person who has passed on, the frequency of awareness has shifted. The reality they perceive is now different.Similarly, for those on Earth, the person seems to have gone, but in reality the soul has just moved onto another frequency of awareness. It leaves behind the empty human body, a kind of virtual reality device, through which the soul experienced life on the Earth.The opposite of life is not death.

The opposite of birth is death. Life is eternal. Birth and death are just entry and exit points of incarnations.

When Your Earth Visa Expires

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Speaking events on “life after life”

It makes me happy that people who attend my presentations on Atlantis give me feedback that they especially appreciate the information on “life after life” in those seminars. The topic of the afterlife comes up when discussing reincarnation and the history of the soul on earth. I will be talking about these concepts during my speaking events in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, in April.

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