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News about, books on and recollections of encounters with aliens and/or Unidentified Flying Objects that could be extraterrestrial spaceships.

What Does Mother Mary Have to Do with Atlantis and Ancient Aliens?

What does Mother Mary have to do with Atlantis and ancient aliens? In the video below, I describe my past life memories of the time of Atlantis, when I had come to earth as a totally vibrational alien or Light Being from the star system of Arcturus. We came to rescue members of our civilization who had become lost on earth.

When we became stuck on this planet as well, our leader the Christ Consciousness came to earth to free us. The female aspect of this amazingly loving and accepting energy has become known as Mother Mary. Interestingly, she appears in Light Being form throughout the earth as the Apparition of the Virgin Mary.

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Video: Were they extraterrestrial spaceships or just something strange in the sky?

In this video, I want to tell you about something really strange that was happening in the sky when we were taking the photo that became the cover of When We Were Gods. The reason this was especially strange for me was because, during my past life regressions, I had memories of originally coming from Arcturus to earth. It made me wonder if Arcturians were keeping track of those of us who had become stuck on earth. If you’re interested in the story of my hypnosis sessions, including experiences in the fabulous world of Atlantis, it is in my book, When We Were Gods.

(By the way, just in case you can’t see the video, or it stops partway – it happened to me, my computer is over 5 years old – the transcript is below. In addition, here’s the YouTube link to the video: It might be easier to see the video directly from YouTube.)

My son, Adam Balsley, was going to be my model. And very early in the morning, we were driving to the beach to get a sunrise photo. My senses were on hyper alert, because we were driving through an area that is locally known as the Ghost Coast.

It was also that the headlights of my car had picked up this old abandoned house that looked like it was slowly sinking into the swamp. Paint was peeling, the windows were crooked. It looked like if there were ghosts anywhere, it was going to be in that house. Plus, there was mist drifting over the salt marshes and in front of us, and it made everything really spooky.

When we got to the beach, though, it looked like everything was going to be OK. A wind off the ocean had blown the mist away, and the sky was a gorgeous red color.

Take a look at this photo of Adam dancing around to keep warm while we were waiting for the sun to rise. See those puffy clouds? They were a little bit strange, because they were arranged in a semi-circle beside us and behind us over the salt marshes.

OK, now, here’s the weird thing. There were no clouds anywhere else in the sky. Not over the ocean in front of us, and not in the rest of the sky above us.

I wish I’d taken a photo so I could’ve shown you how regular they looked, arranged two-by-two, about 30 or 40 of them. In fact, they reminded me of a battalion of aircraft hovering just above the horizon.

And that bothered me. Let me tell you why.

I found this book in which the author says she communicates with Arcturians. And guess what she says Arcturian spaceships look like? Like little clouds. (Arcturians are Extraterrestrials from Arcturus, a distant star.)

So, were they Arcturian space ships? Had they turned up to watch the photo shoot?

I have no idea, but it was an amazing coincidence. You know, my best explanation is that this is some kind of natural phenomenon. Perhaps it’s what gives this area the “Ghost Coast” name. In any case, it was just a little bit strange. . . and also quite lovely.

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This is Carol Chapman, author of When We Were Gods.

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Building blocks of life on earth could have come from space

Scientists studying meteorites on Australia and Antarctica have discovered that they contain adenine and guanine.

OK, before you go, “What!!!?”

And, “What does that have to do with life on earth?”

Let me explain that, as I understand the article at Learning Mind, of the 12 meteorites studied, 11 contained adenine, which is a component in building the “stairs” of DNA, and guanine, another key component of DNA, was found on eight.

Haven’t you wondered: “What started the evolutionary process?”

According to these scientists, the crucial components such as the adenine and guanine, could have landed on earth on meteorites and had an extraterrestrial origin:

Two of the 12 meteorites contain exotic particles that are very rare on Earth, thus demonstrating that the building blocks of DNA must have been formed in space. The discovery confirms the theory that a set of prefabricated sections on a meteorite or a comet could have given rise to life on Earth.

DNA has an extraterrestrial origin

That’s pretty exciting! By the way, by extraterrestrial, I’m pretty sure the scientists meant it to mean, “from outside the earth,” rather than “an alien on a spaceship.”

On the other hand, I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as I see, “extraterrestrial,” I think, “aliens.”

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Shipwreck hunters find a possible UFO in the Baltic Sea

They were looking for vintage champagne bottles from a wreck … and they found them. But they found more. This CNN video shows images of a mysterious object found 80 meters underwater by team led by Peter Lindberg.

“We had been out for nine days and we were quite tired and we were on our way home, but we made a final run with a sonar fish and suddenly this thing turned up,” he continued.

I have been doing this for nearly 20 years so I have a seen a few objects on the bottom, but nothing like this
Peter Lindberg, team leader Ocean Explorer.

Using side-scan sonar, the team found a 60-meter diameter cylinder-shaped object, with a rigid tail 400 meters long.

Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find

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Japanese and Korean dating by blood type

A couple of days ago, I made a number of posts about blood type and likelihood of having been contacted by extraterrestrials. Naturally, this led to exploring more information on blood types.

Do you know that in Japan and Korea, there is a fascination with dating by blood type? Certain ABO blood types are supposed to make better mates from certain blood types than others.

The Great Geek Manual says that:

In Japan, a person’s blood type or ketsu eki gata is a popularly used to determine a person’s temperament, much the way Americans use astrological signs. The difference is that the Japanese take blood types very seriously. Japanese dating services use blood types to make matches. Employers use them to evaluate job applicants. High school students exchange blood types by way of introduction. Sports card include athletes’ blood types prominently alongside more traditional sports statistics.

Japanese Culture 101: Personality by Blood Type

 If you read further into the article, you can look up your own blood type and the description of the kind of person you are supposed to be. I found it fascinating.

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Contactees, blood type, and eye color

Do you ever wonder if you may have been contacted by aliens but buried the memory deep in your subconscious to protect your sanity?

Well, according to the Contactee Blood Types Study by ICAR, you are much less likely to have been contacted by extraterrestrials if you are an A positive blood type than if you are an O negative. If you have green/hazel eye color, you have the eye color of 48% of contactees. In fact, of the 1400 contactees in the study, 70 % were O negative with green/hazel eyes.

Therefore, if the 1400 participants in the above study are any indication of the whole population, if you are a blood type O negative, and have green/hazel eyes, you are the most likely to be a contacteee than a person with any other blood type or eye color.


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Have your heard of The Disclosure Project?

I had not heard of The Disclosure Project until a girlfriend telephoned me today and asked me if I had heard of it. She explained that it was a group of prominent people in the government, security forces, and air traffic controllers who claim to have had contact with aliens. Steven M. Greer, a physician who initiated his contact with extraterrestrials, started The Disclosure Project.

According to a Wikipedia article:

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project started by Greer in 1992 that alleges the existence of a US government cover-up of information relating tounidentified flying objects (UFOs). 

Steven M. Greer

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