Contactees, blood type, and eye color

Do you ever wonder if you may have been contacted by aliens but buried the memory deep in your subconscious to protect your sanity?

Well, according to the Contactee Blood Types Study by ICAR, you are much less likely to have been contacted by extraterrestrials if you are an A positive blood type than if you are an O negative. If you have green/hazel eye color, you have the eye color of 48% of contactees. In fact, of the 1400 contactees in the study, 70 % were O negative with green/hazel eyes.

Therefore, if the 1400 participants in the above study are any indication of the whole population, if you are a blood type O negative, and have green/hazel eyes, you are the most likely to be a contacteee than a person with any other blood type or eye color.


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Carol Chapman

CarolChapman is an author and inspirational speaker. She speaks at weekend retreats,day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not onlyinformative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They ofteninclude participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos andphotographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, andAtlantis, and is the author of When WeWere Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Heart’s Desire.

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