Building blocks of life on earth could have come from space

Scientists studying meteorites on Australia and Antarctica have discovered that they contain adenine and guanine.

OK, before you go, “What!!!?”

And, “What does that have to do with life on earth?”

Let me explain that, as I understand the article at Learning Mind, of the 12 meteorites studied, 11 contained adenine, which is a component in building the “stairs” of DNA, and guanine, another key component of DNA, was found on eight.

Haven’t you wondered: “What started the evolutionary process?”

According to these scientists, the crucial components such as the adenine and guanine, could have landed on earth on meteorites and had an extraterrestrial origin:

Two of the 12 meteorites contain exotic particles that are very rare on Earth, thus demonstrating that the building blocks of DNA must have been formed in space. The discovery confirms the theory that a set of prefabricated sections on a meteorite or a comet could have given rise to life on Earth.

DNA has an extraterrestrial origin

That’s pretty exciting! By the way, by extraterrestrial, I’m pretty sure the scientists meant it to mean, “from outside the earth,” rather than “an alien on a spaceship.”

On the other hand, I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as I see, “extraterrestrial,” I think, “aliens.”

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