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UFO captured on hunter’s motion-detect night camera

Here’s a link to a nighttime photograph showing not only a deer, whose eyes truly are “a deer caught in headlights” because the flash of the hunter’s remote motion-activated camera caused the deer’s eyes to glow in the light of the flash.

However, behind and to the left of the deer is a unidentified flying object (UFO) that turned up in the hunter’s photos for two hours. Check it out at this online Field and Stream site.

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Beautiful man made crop circles

I always thought that crop circles had to be made by some force other than human because the huge works of art were so gorgeous, complex and huge. In my opinion, you’d need to have a view from above the crop circle to create it.

According to news stories, many people in the United Kingdom proclaim that they, not aliens, created the intricate patterns in grain fields known as “crop circles.”

I found it difficult to believe them until a group of people, headed by Jim Denevan, created the largest work of art on earth on the largest lake on earth: Lake Baikal in Siberia.

It is not a crop circle because it is not in a crop. However, it is as gorgeous, complex and huge. In fact, at nine square miles, it is much larger than an crop circle.

Take a look at these Lake Baikal photos.

Maybe, after all, crop circles are created by people.

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Firefox Logo Crop Circle

All along I have been thinking that the gorgeous crop circles must have been made by supernatural means . . . or extraterrestrials . . . because they are so intricate. However, students in Oregon made a crop circle that looks just like the Firefox logo. It is intricate and gorgeous. You can even have a look at it at Google Maps. If such a crop circle as the Firefox logo was made by humans, it follows that all the other crop circles could likely have been made by humans as well. There goes the supernatural/aliens theory! Down the drain.

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Crop Circles Have Appeared throughout History

I just learned that crop circles are not a modern phenomenon. I don’t know why I thought they were. Evidently, they have been appearing since the Middle Ages and in many countries throughout the world. During the Middle Ages, they were called “Witch” or “Pixie” circles, because, I assume, people at that time thought that witches or supernatural pixies made the circles. Today, many people think they are made by extraterrestrials and UFOs. Recently, a couple of men came forward and said that they were making the crop circles. However, these men lived in England and crop circles were appearing in many countries around the globe such as Australia and Canada. I learned this information and much more in a series of YouTube videos.

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Nazca Lines in Peru a helicopter landing pad rather than a Runway?

This is a topic close to my heart. I am very interested in the Nazca lines (also spelled “Nasca”) in Peru, especially after reading Erich von Daniken‘s Arrival of the Gods in which he proposes that extraterrestrials created the lines as landing sites for their space ships.

However, in spite of Mr. von Daniken’s fine theory, no one yet knows who created the amazing designs on the Nasca plains that were only recognized as images of, for example, a monkey or a hummingbird, until viewed from in an airplane.

Following is an gorgeous aerial photograph of a monkey on the Nazca plains from the Wikepedia article on “The Nazca Lines”:

Nazca Lines Image of MonkeyLines and Geoglyphis of Nazca and Pampas de Humana, Wikepedia

You can’t help but wonder that whoever made the Nazca lines had to have had the ability to fly, supporting von Daniken’s theory of extraterrestrials. In addition, since the monkey’s tail creates a large circular area, I can’t help but wonder if whoever made the image flew a vehicle more like a helicopter than a winged plane or jet since the circular tail looks more like a helicopter landing pad than a runway.

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Artists Create Crop Circles in Oregon

How do you like this? Art imitates life! Artists staying with farmers in Oregon will mow parts of field in patterns imitating crop circles.

Several other artists will mow large patters — similar to crop circles — into the landscape, then view them from an airplane at the end of the week.

Artists Retreat Begins This Weekend

When I first saw this Hometowns article, I thought it was going to be the usual thing where people come forward and say they are the ones who were creating the crop circles. But no, these are people showing their appreciation for the crop circles by creating their own. I wonder how close they man made crop circles will be to the mysterious ones that appear overnight. I wonder how long it will take the artists to create their crop circles – overnight, a couple of hours, days . . . and will they be beautifully symmetrical?

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International UFO Symposium to Meet in Denver July 22 to 25

If you’re interested in UFOs, crop circles, and alien abductions, this is the place for you to be on July 22 to 25: the International UFO Symposium.

The 41st International UFO Symposium will be held in Denver at the Marriott Denver Tech Center from July 22 – 25. The symposium is an annual gathering of some of the top speakers in their respective fields presenting evidence and research concerning the history and ongoing research in the UFO phenomenon. Presentation topics will include: a history of alien craft crash retrievals, the crop circle phenomenon, the ongoing nature of UFO abductions and shocking new UFO case files.

41st International UFO Symposium Lands in Denver – Presented by The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

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UFO Follows Jet Over Virginia

According to an online UFO Examiner report by Roger Marsh, a UFOologist and independent filmmaker:

A Virginia witness watched a teardrop-shaped object following in the vapor trail of a jet on June 12, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The object seemed to keep pace with the jet, but stayed a good distance behind, the witness stated. The object was shorter than the plane, but larger in diameter.

Teardrop-shaped UFO follows in jet’s vapor trail over Virginia

The witness said that:



Teardrop-shaped UFO follows in jet’s vapor trail over Virginia

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Delightful Message from Crop Circle Makers

When I first saw this post, I assumed the crop circle makers were human beings and the article would be about exposing a crop circle hoax. Well, I was mistaken! They are from Arcturus. How wonderful! Following, please find an excerpt:

We are from Arcturus and we agreed a long time ago that part of our contribution to humanity would be to bring forth these patterns, that would assist the uplifting of the vibration of humanity and these are done in several ways. Firstly there is the pattern itself which I am describing to you. Secondly there is the energy that the pattern contains. Many have experienced the extraordinary changes which happen when you meditate in these patterns. So the patterns themselves contain an energy.

Background to the crop circle makers

Isn’t that lovely! For more, just click on the link above. The article is by Richard Presser who much channel the Arcturians. There are also gorgeous crop circle photographs. My favorite is the one with swirly arms that looks like a spiral galaxy.

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Nibiru Sightings

I’m interested in discoveries of the planet Nibiru because I recently heard from a friend that information that came up in my past life regressions of Atlantean memories agreed with Zechariah Sitchin‘s translations of ancient Sumarian, Egyptian and Hebrew texts.

According to an article by Delphine, excerpted below, Nibiru has been discovered and photographs taken of it.

Nibiru is a planet that orbits our sun every 3600 years. It got its name from being an elusive planet. It is suggested that current astronomy points to the possibility that Nibiru is a brown dwarf or dark star rather than a planet. This has the implication that our solar system, like the majority in the known universe, is a binary star system; in other words, Earth has two suns with Nibiru being the second and less bright. The first real pictures of Nibiru were photographed shortly after January 26, 1983. The astronomers calculated at that time that Nibiru was over 50 million miles away from us. In 2004 Nibiru was determined to be only 7 million miles away. Confirmation of the twelfth planet Nibiru was photographed in Japan on February 28, 2008. It exists, and it will be on Earth by the end of 2012. Nibiru will appear as two suns in the sky no later than 2011.

Nibiru in 2012

Very interesting is all I can say.

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