Story of our soul on earth explains “life after life”

I am excited, because both my books, When We Were Gods and Arrival of the Gods in Egypt are about the history of the soul on earth. Therefore, the story of our souls’ experiences on earth explain how it could be that we live after we die, basically, how it could be that there is “life after life.”

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Carol Chapman

CarolChapman is an author and inspirational speaker. She speaks at weekend retreats,day-long events, and half-day programs. Her seminars are not onlyinformative and transformational but also fun and entertaining. They ofteninclude participatory workshops and visual aids, such as videos andphotographs. She specializes in dream interpretation, reincarnation, andAtlantis, and is the author of When WeWere Gods, Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, and Have Your Heart’s Desire.

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