Reincarnation Lady Speaks Out about Prejudice

The Reincarnation Lady speaks out about prejudice: Who are we to say anything about anyone else, when likely we have been just like that person in a previous lifetime. Today, I

speak out about prejudice because, today, I happened upon a YouTube video called, “What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You.” In the video, a number of dark-skinned people talk about their lifelong heartache over being taunted as children for their skin color. They say how even as adults, they still experience prejudice. In the video, you can see their anguish. Please find the 5-minute video posted below.

Today, I’m calling myself the Reincarnation Lady. This came about because I speak to groups of people about my memories of past lives. I heard from a few friends that some people who have heard me speak have started calling me the Reincarnation Lady. Therefore, today the Reincarnation Lady Speaks about Prejudice.

If people who taunt others of a darker skin color, also remembered their past lives, they would know that in previous lifetimes they have lived as many different races and many different skin colors. For example, one of my sweetest past life memories, in which I was deeply loved, has to do with living in pre-colonial Africa. In that past life, everyone, in my tribe and surrounding tribes (including me), had such dark skin color that at night, when we fished by moonlight, you could mainly see the members of our tribe by the whites of our eyes and teeth.

In this present lifetime, I have “white” skin that is actually beige. However, in that previous pre-colonial African lifetime, I had deeply dark-colored skin. By the way, in my opinion, just because someone doesn’t remember their experiences in previous lifetimes, that doesn’t mean that reincarnation doesn’t exist. It just means that that person doesn’t remember their past lives.

Since, through reincarnation, we’ve all had experiences in many different races, skin colors, and cultures, no one can say anything about anyone else’s skin color since they, in some previous lifetime, have also had that skin color.

Therefore, we actually defame ourselves when taunting another person of a different skin color. In fact, skin color doesn’t have to be the issue. In this lifetime, in this culture, overweight is a big reason to look down on people. In many cultures, people have prejudice about different religions from their own.

Reincarnation Lady Speaks

The lovely young woman from Sudan I met when in Egypt.

For example, you might find clues to your former lifetimes in your present fascinations. On a personal level, an example in my present lifetime: I’m fascinated with ancient Egypt. In fact, while researching my book Arrival of the Gods in Egypt, I met a young woman when I visited Egypt. Her hair looked very much like the people in my past-life memories of my pre-colonial African tribe. This young woman in Egypt looked so beautiful to me. I felt so happy to see her, since my memories of the lifetime in that African tribe had been full of love. In fact, I wondered if she might be my descendant–my great-great-great-great-grandaughter from that long-ago previous lifetime. By the way, she hailed from Sudan, located just south of Egypt. You can see her photo right.

The Reincarnation Lady SpeaksFurthermore, the present prejudicial opinion about dark-skin color in various cultures on earth today didn’t necessarily exist throughout all human time on earth. Think of the pharaohs in Egypt. As Africans, many of the pharaohs had dark skin. As rulers of that great kingdom, I’m sure they didn’t consider themselves lowly. In fact, in this present 21st century lifetime, many people revere the ancient pharaohs and their accomplishments without even considering that the ruling class of Egypt had dark skin. Some of the very people who have prejudice against dark skin in this lifetime, may honor dark-skinned ancient pharaohs. In effect, they’re honoring people they have a prejudice against.

Finally, although I’m speaking today about skin color, this applies to everything in a person’s life. Whether it’s richness or poverty, education or ignorance, fatness or thinness, sickness or health, power or weakness, we’ve all experienced these and many other conditions throughout our many lifetimes.

In addition, remember, the above qualities are only opposites. For example, you can’t assume that a rich life is happier than a poor life. In another one of my previous lifetimes, I had power and wealth and was ridiculed, imprisoned, and killed. Not very happy, indeed.

Furthermore, it’s your opinion of yourself that creates your worth in any lifetime. In fact, in that previous pre-colonial African lifetime, I felt bad, not because of my dark skin color (for me, that was the normal skin color–it wasn’t an issue in that culture), but because I was shorter than everyone else. Fortunately, no one in my tribe made me feel bad about it. My anguish came entirely from self-recrimination and wishing to be tall like everyone else. Ho Hum.

In conclusion, from my memories of past lifetimes, I can see that what matters most in life is love, acceptance, and joy.  Therefore, I hope that what I’ve said today can help dark-skinned people who feel bad about themselves find more self-acceptance. I also hope that whatever you feel bad about yourself in this lifetime, you can find some inner self-acceptance here.

I wrote about my experiences in Africa in Arrival of the Gods in Egypt. It describes my search to find evidence of my past life memories of arriving in Africa from Atlantis.


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Barbara Schwalm - March 24, 2017

Sorry about the question marks. When they were sent they were a happy face and a heart. Lesson learned.

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What a lovely post Carol. ? Thank you so much ??

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