The STAR GATE and the Arcturian LIGHT BEINGS – Past Life Memories

The Star Gate and the Arcturian Light BeingsPast Life Memories. One of the things that really bugs me in sci-fi movies about the Stargate is that humans can go through the Star Gate and then, on the other side, they’re still human beings. Well, it’s just not like that. You can’t go through the Stargate unless you’re a fully vibrational Light Being. Or anyway, that was my experience in my past life regressions to my first lifetime on earth.

I had come from Arcturus, with other Arcturian Light Beings, on a Rescue Mission to find fellow Arcturians who had not returned from this world. My mission was to Search and Explore, not to stop and have a good time. Unfortunately, that’s just what I did. When it came time to go back home through the Stargate, I could no longer go through it. I cried and cried, “I want to go home.”


When it came time to go back home through the Stargate, I could no longer go through it. I cried and cried, “I want to go home.” Even though I was only as dense as a thought, I couldn’t go through.

Because the Stargate only stays open for a certain length of time, and only at certain intervals, I knew that the Arcturians waiting for me in the starship could only wait so long before the Stargate closed. They had to go through without me. I was left behind.

Based on my past life memories, I believe we’re all Light Beings caught in this world, too dense to go through the Stargate. I know, from personal experience, that I could not go through the Stargate unless I was a purely vibrational Light Being.


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