Is There an AGREEMENT between NATURE and the SOUL

Is there an agreement between nature and the soul? In my past life memories, I experienced the agreement our soul makes with the Nature Kingdom to make a human being. In the video below, I describe my past life story.

Our Light Being or Soul depends upon an agreement with the Nature Kingdom through Nature Spirits to create humans. Our true self is a vibrational Light Being that conventional religion calls a Soul. We don’t have eyes, ears, nose, skin, or touch.

Our real self, the Light Being or Soul does not explore by using the senses. It explores by merging with other creations. When we came to earth, we explored by merging vibrationally with many of the nature creations on this planet. However, in the end, we decided to concentrate on a primate. We had a better chance of eventually becoming free of the earth by connecting with the primate body in the reincarnation cycle of life, death, life, death.

My ideas come from my past life regressions, in which I had past life memories of being a Light Being or, as religions would call it, our eternal soul. The experiences in these past life memories are concepts that apply to everyone.

My Personal Experience of Understanding How the Nature Kingdom Makes an Agreement with Our Light Being/Soul

Here are links to my book, When We Were Gods: Insights on Atlantis, Past Lives, Angelic Beings of Light, and Spiritual Awakening. In it, I describe my past life regression to the time when our Light Being/Soul traveled the Universe, how it became caught on earth, and how the agreement with the Nature Kingdom is helping to free us. The links, below, take you to the paperback and the Kindle version of the book.

TIMELINE of the Video: Body Agrees with Soul to Make a Human Being

0:00:07 An agreement with the Nature Kingdom

0:00:38 We are extraterrestrials.

0:00:55 We are a soul with a temporary body.

0:01:18 Our true self is a vibrational being.

0:01:35 When we came to earth

0:02:04 connected through the chakras.

0:02:20 We need to honor nature

0:02:49 I will go into these topics in greater depth.


INTRO and OUTRO, music and images:
VIDDYOZE – Dramatic Parallax Slideshow. All photographs Copyright 1995 to 2019 Carol Anne Chapman, except for the first image of the Extraterrestrial Light Being, which is a screen capture from Video Footage called Atoms – 8579 by PIROD4D from Pixabay.


Pan: Sweet, piercing sweet was the music of Pan’s pipe
by Walter Crane [Public Domains], from Wikipedia Commons

CHAKRAS Public Domain Wikipeda Commons by mpan
By mpan – Own work, based on File:Czakry.png, CC0


(Earth Spinning at Night) World – 2
Video by NASA from Pixabay

(Travel through Galaxies) Deep Space – 6
Video by NASA from Pixabay

(Approaching Spiral Galaxy Galaxies) – 11
Video by NASA from Pixabay

(Travelling through Space) Space Travel – 5
Video by NASA from Pixabay

Video by RPX Studio from Pixabay

(Aerial of Forest) Forest – 18534
Video by Jamboo7809 from Pixabay

All other video footage: Copyright 2020 Carol Anne Chapman

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YouTube Audio Library: Anton by Dan Bodan

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YouTube Audio Library: Ceremonial Prelude by Sir Cubworth

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