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A Golden Ones video

I wonder: Is this Golden Ones video about the same Golden Ones that appeared in my hypnosis session when I revisited my experiences in the fabulous world of Atlantis? When I went to the hypnotherapist to lose weight, I had an unusual experience. While deeply hypnotized, I had a vision in which I was told that it was my purpose to awaken the Golden Ones. The Golden Ones were supposed to be those who decided, during Atlantean times, to reincarnate now to help bring in a New World. The time now is evidently similar to that time in Atlantis, when we were on the brink of self-annihilation. I wrote about the Golden Ones in my book of the same name and also in its revised, updated version, When We Were Gods.

Therefore, I was curious to watch this video on the return of the Golden Race, which is posted on “The Golden Ones Return” YouTube channel. The video is similar to my hypnosis session in that it is about an upcoming change in humanity. However, it is different from my information in that it focuses specifically on projected changes in the Carbon 12 atom. Yes, my information involved a new physical form, but it did not specifically go into the change on an atomic level. I also found the video a bit strange, because it is narrated by a computer voice.


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Atlantis past life memories like Mayan Ruins

Ek Balam Monster Mouth

The Mayan Monster Mouth at the entrance to the tomb in the pyramid at Ek Balam. Photo courtesy of Miriam Balsley, used with permission.

This is the first time I’ve seen a scientist saying that the Mayan monster mouth sculpture symbolizes the entrance to the underworld.

All along, during my travels in Yucatan searching for corroboration of my memories of Atlantis, I’ve been wondering if the monster mouth was actually a large serpent mouth, the kind I fell into in my Atlantis past life memories. I describe my scariest memory of Atlantis in both When We Were Gods and also Arrival of the Gods in Egypt.

In other words, I wonder if the monster mouth sculptures were made by the ancient Maya as a handed down memory of visits from Atlanteans to Yucatan.

In my Atlantis past life memories, a huge serpent mouth was sticking out of the earth as if it was the entrance into the underground. It’s always baffled me that after I fell into the serpent mouth, I was next flying through space from a crumbling Atlantis to geologically safe lands.

This article is very exciting, because the scientists say they believe the monster mouth represented an entrance into the underworld, just as I’d experienced in my past life regression. It also asserts my assertion that many of the Mayan myths are actually handed down memories of the colonization of Yucatan by people from Atlantis.

Take a look at this article on the discovery of a couple of new ruin sites in southern Mexico, Two ancient Mayan cities found in Mexican jungle.

It’s especially exciting because of the following paragraphs:

They also found a facade featuring a monster-mouth doorway, which probably marked one of the main entrances to the center of the city. Photographs from the sites showed stone pyramids jutting out from beneath dense foliage.

“The entrance apparently symbolizes the entrance to a cave and to the underworld … “



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Happiness video brings happiness!

Here’s a wonderful video about the source of happiness. Watch it!

You’ll love it. The video gives you the gift of the happiness it illustrates!

I especially liked it, because I know some people who are like this. They seem to live on being helpful. In addition, when they’re being helpful, they don’t exude any feeling, as so often happens, that they expect anything in return.

Do you know anyone like this? Have you been helped by someone who seems to be delighted to give you something you need?

I loved this video, because it showed me why they do these acts of good will–what they really get out of it. Amazingly, by watching the video, I also experienced the joy that goes with giving–a really wonderful experience.

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Testimonials for Yucatan Travel

Yucatan Travel Movie

Yucatan Travel Movie

Check out these testimonials that came in support of the Yucatan Travel Movie during local showings of the DVD:

“The images are awesome!” ~ John Rich

“Wow, this is a real movie. It’s much better than I expected. It’s great. I love it!” ~ Jean C. Keating, Pulitzer-Prize-nominated author, Animal Heroes and Friends

“I like that everyone in the movie is so genuinely happy to be there rather than the canned, phoniness you see on many travelogues. Miriam is really a trip—she amuses me.” ~ Leslie, Gloucester, Virginia

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Another spoof on the lost city of Atlantis

I love these spoofs on the lost city of Atlantis. This latest article quotes a public official Bryan Neptune (chuckle, chuckle) of the “flooded metropolis” as saying that the federal government just doesn’t care about the citizens of Atlantis, especially since it’s been four millennia since Atlantis first became covered by flood waters.

Ancient map of Atlantis

Athanasius Kircher’s Map of Atlantis (c.1669). Note that north is at bottom. This image is in the public domain, because its copyright has expired.

In the “Lost City of Atlantis; “we’ve been completely forgotten” online article at New Bisquit, it appears that citizens of the United Kingdom community of Somerset feel their flooding situation has been overlooked by the British Prime Minister David Cameron and (tongue-in-cheek) have likened their predicament to the lost city of Atlantis. Take a look at the article for some entertainment.

For first-hand past life memories of the lost city of Atlantis, take a look at my book, When We Were Gods. In it I recount my experiences when I went to a hypnotherapist to lose weight. When she put me in deep hypnosis, I not only connected with past lives that contributed to my present problems with overweight, but also the fabulous world of Atlantis. My reincarnation memories also included problems with the Great Crystal leading to earth upheavals in Atlantis.

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