Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad

Are snake dreams good or bad

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What is your first thought as you awaken after a snake dream? That is, after you get over having that kind of dream? For many people it’s, “Are snake dreams good or bad?” That’s because they want to know if their snake dream means something good or bad for them and their life.

All right, I know that the snake symbol turns up rather frequently in dreams. And, I know that even though many people don’t especially like snakes, in dreams, snake dreams can even symbolize many good things such as spirituality . . . for some people. In this article, I’ll discuss certain kinds of snake dreams and certain kinds of people for whom snake dreams can be good.

To begin, I’ve already looked at some very common meanings for snakes dreams in my blog post Are All Snake Dreams about Sex. In that article, I looked at how snakes, by virtue of being wild animals, can represent our baser animal natures, such as hidden treachery. In addition, because snakes shed their skin, they can also represent transformation. Furthermore, they can also symbolize our sexual nature and death. Therefore, for more information on these topics, please take a look at that article.

To Understand Any Dream Symbol Look to Your Life First

Are snake dreams good or bad

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However, in looking at the many times that snakes in a dream can mean something other than the symbolic meanings above, I want you to look to your own life first. For example, if you really like snakes and keep them as pets, then your snake dream will likely mean something entirely different than it will for many other people. Same goes, if you study them in college or work as a snake-keeper in a zoo or circus.

In other words, if you have a personal relationship with snakes in your waking life, a dream snake can refer specifically to your waking life rather than as a symbol. For example, your dream may refer to a certain pet reptile’s diet, health, or other needs. But remember, snakes also carry strong archetypal symbolism, even for you. Therefore, always be willing to consider the symbolic meaning of a snake dream too.

Many Ancient Mythologies Use the Snake as an Icon

Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad

Cobra Encircles the Pharaoh’s Head. Copyright 2000 Carol Chapman

In the same way, if you study ancient mysteries and find yourself especially fascinated with ancient Egypt, your snake dream may refer to the cobra that entwines itself around the pharaoh’s head. In that case, you could be dreaming about a snake to sort out your information and feelings about the enthralling information you’re discovering about ancient Egypt.

Are snake dreams good or bad

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Similarly, if, on the day before your snake dream, you researched and discussed your Chinese Astrological sign, the Snake, your dream snake may simply refer to your preoccupation with that astrological sign. If so, you may find something of value in the description of that sign if you examine it again. In addition, your dream may refer to a specific characteristic of a person born in that sign.

Are Snake Dreams Good or BadI have just listed an ancient mystery and an astrological system that work with or honor the snake. You can probably think of many more than I have here, for example, the feathered serpent of the Maya. Therefore, if, on the day before your snake dream, you thought about, talked about, attended meetings for, or in some other way involved yourself with something that uses a snake as an icon, your dream may refer to that interest.

On the right, Feathered Serpents flank the stairs on the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza. Photo by and Copyright 2008 Miriam Balsley, Used with Permission

Snake Dreams and the Medical Symbol

Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad

The Rod of Asclepius on the United States Air Force Medical Services Symbol. Attribution: By w:United States Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Furthermore, if you work in the medical field, your snake dream may remind you of something to do with your work, usually something that occupied your mind the previous day. That’s because the Rod of Asclepius, a serpent entwined around a rod, can denote the medical profession for many healing organizations.

Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad

The Caduceus on the U.S. Army Medical Corps symbol. Attribution: By USG (US Government) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In addition, a number of medical organizations also use the caduceus, two serpents entwined around a winged staff.

Therefore, if you work in one of these professions, when you dream about a snake, it may inadvertently refer to your occupation. That may occur even if you’re not consciously aware of the symbol on the vehicle you drive, on the door of the building where you work, on your uniform, or on your stationery.

I’m not saying that if you work in one of these medical professions, your snake dream automatically represents your work. Far from it. However, I am saying to consider it.

Snakes in Dreams Can Symbolize Kundalini Energy

Are snake dreams good or badRemember, if you regularly meditate, or belong to a meditation group, your snake dream may symbolize the kundalini, or serpent energy, that rises up the spine during meditation. This kind of snake may stand upright in your dream. It may glow with bright colors as if decorated by jewels in beautiful patterns. It may even float.

Instead of causing you to feel frightened in your dream, as most dream snakes do, you may feel delighted. In this case, you may not have to ask yourself the question: Are snake dreams good or bad? You will know this is definitely a dream in which the snake symbolizes the good of spiritual connection!

Many Cultures Revere and Even Worship the Snake

Another instance when a snake in a dream can symbolize something good occurs if you happen to be from a culture or religion that honors this reptile. For the most part, the Judeo-Christian religion has many evil snakes, for example, the serpent in the Garden of Eden. However, the Bible also has a good snake, for example, the staff that Moses used during the Exodus, which turned into a snake and back again to a staff:

“. . . the Bible describes that the staff was used to produce water from a rock, was transformed into a snake and back, and was used at the parting of the Red Sea.”

Staff of Moses

Are snake dreams good or bad

Buddha protected in the coils of the cobra. Pixabay Public Domain image

Are snake dreams good or bad

Hoysala sculpture of a Naga couple, Halebidu, Wikipedia Creative Commons Image

On the other hand, the Buddhist religion has a cobra that protects the Buddha, as in the image, left. This image depicts a guardian serpent that shelters the Buddha while he meditates. Buddha sits in its coils.

In addition,  Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all honor a deity taking the form of a great snake called a Naga. China, also, a country that includes the snake in one of its astrological signs (see above), has a tradition of honoring this creature.

Therefore, if you hail from one of these cultures or religions, even if you no longer attend services or seep yourself in the culture, the reverence for the snake continues in your psyche. Therefore, if you have a snake dream, especially if the snake in your dream confers healing, power, or beneficence, consider it a helpful symbol.

Are Snake Dreams Good or Bad?

In summary, when you have a snake dream, to help you understand it, look at your life the day before you had the snake dream. Likely, your dream has something to do with what you thought about, researched, or participated in on that day. In doing so, look to these three areas:

  1. How did you feel in the dream? If terrified, disgusted, or ashamed, consider that your snake dream is a dream wanting you to work with your baser animal nature. However, if you feel happy, calm, or accepting in your dream, consider that this is a dream where the snake represents something helpful.
  2. What do snakes mean in your life? Do you love snakes and keep them as pets? Are they part of your profession? Do you participate in an activity represented by a snake icon? Then, consider the snake in your dream as representing that activity, occupation or pass-time.
  3. What do snakes mean in your culture or religion, or the culture or religion of your grandparents? Do serpents assume the role of gods or protectors? Then, especially if the snake in your dream feels benevolent, consider the meaning of your dream as having to do with the cultural or religious meaning of the snake.


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