Still working on the Calendar

I’ve been “on fire” about this calendar, working late into the night, feeling very grateful that I now know how to make tables and can design the calendar part of it. It’s shaping up beautifully. Had a prototype made at Kinko’s. I’ve put the full moon and the new moon for every month on it, and also the major holidays in both the US and Canada. 

As soon as I figure out how to insert a photograph into a blog, I’ll show you the cover, which is also the photo I used for the month of November. It’s a tree silhouetted against a sunrise and it’s lovely. Everyone who sees it oohs and aahs. © 2007 Carole Chapman 



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Photographic Fun

Today I’m having a lot of fun designing a calendar. Although I now spend most of my time writing and speaking in public, I still love photography. Even though I no longer work for NASA as the photojournalist in their Office of Public Affairs, I’m still taking pictures . . . probably always will. The world is such a beautiful place!

If you’ve looked at my speaker web site at, you know that for some people, the favorite part of my seminars is my slide show. Many people have asked that my photographs be available.

Therefore, I’m extra happy because I can put some of my photos in this calendar. I’m also using quotations from the Edgar Cayce readings to make a “God in Nature” 2008 wall calendar. It’s going to be great!

I’ve got pictures of waterfalls, butterflies—even two butterflies in a courtship ritual!—a mountain, orchids, roses, and many more. What fun!

© 2007 Carole Chapman

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The Lion and the Lamb

     Yesterday in this blog, I mentioned my luncheon with a Richmond, Virginia friend. We also discussed a dream she had. Because I’ve been keeping a dream journal for years . . . and also, because I met my husband first in a dream . . . I am always very interested in people’s dreams.
     This one’s a good one. She said that she had two cats. She leaves a couple of bowls of cat food out on her deck for them. In her dream, a full-grown sheep came up on her deck and began eating the cat food.
     Since “the dream is about the dreamer” usually I asked her what she thought the dream was about. She replied that the first thing that came to her mind was Christ’s request “feed my sheep.”
     I agreed that if it had been my dream, I would have thought the same. Then, since the way you feel about your dream or the way you feel in your dream is important to its understanding, I asked her how she felt about it.
     She said that she felt it was pretty unusual since she lives in the country and is used to a possum or a raccoon coming up on the deck to eat cat food. She’s also seen deer in her yard. But never a sheep.
     This made me think for a little while. Then I said that I liked her dream because it showed me how something could be possible. The Bible says that there will come a time when the lion lays down with the lamb.
     I never saw how that could be possible since a lion would surely devour a lamb. That is, not until her dream. Now, I see that if the lion is a domestic cat and the lamb is a full-grown sheep, the lamb will have nothing to fear.
     Whether this is the correct interpretation of her dream or not, I like the idea of seeing the possibility of the lion laying down with the lamb.
Carol Chapman
© 2007 Carol Chapman

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Karma and Spiritual Muscle

Today I had lunch with a delightful lady I met when I spoke in Richmond, Virginia. The Cayce people in Richmond have a wonderful group that sponsors a speaker once a month on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 at the Bel Air Library. Afterwards, those who want to, go out for dinner with the speaker at a nearby restaurant. If you want more information about their events, contact someone at the Regional Outreach section of

We got on the topic of Karma and the rough things that come up in people’s lives. I said that sometimes when a person is going through a tough time, they wonder what have I done wrong to deserve this? Other people, who may not have as many difficulties in this lifetime, may think they are somehow better than the person with the problems.

However, we both remembered that in Cayce’s psychic readings he said that everyone has had many lifetimes in which they “lost” or made wrong decisions, took the easy path, used people, etc. But, we don’t necessarily take on a lifetime of compensation immediately after that lifetime.

We may coast for a few lifetimes. We may, in fact, take a vacation from working on our soul’s purposes and take on an incarnation in which everything is simple and easy. Then, when we’re ready, we take on a lifetime of challenges to give us the opportunity to strengthen our spiritual mettle. Of course, we may not take the challenge and instead spend our opportunities in self-pity or anger and resentment.

I remembered something I’d read about Mother Theresa. Evidently, she had been touring a leper colony with a visitor. When the visitor saw the diseased bodies of the lepers, the visitor asked something like, “Why do they have to go through this? Why have we been let off so easily?”

Mother Theresa replied that the reason we didn’t have to endure such hardship was because we were not strong enough.

I like that.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Carol Chapman

© 2007 Carol Chapman

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Your Own Personal Spiritual Life Coach

     When people discover that I first met my husband in a dream—he is literally the man of my dreams—they want to know, “How did you do that? Can I do it too?”

     When they read my first book, When We Were Gods, or attend one of my seminars, or hear me interviewed on talk radio, they ask, “Were you doing something special to make that happen?”

     Of course I was doing something special beforehand. I’ve been keeping a dream journal for years. And, I was doing a lot more than working with my dreams.

     I’ve been living a life of unfolding intimacy with my soul. For years, I have integrated short routines into my everyday life that let spirit know I want its guidance.

     People say to me, “Tell us what you do.”  So, in answer to their requests, I’ve been working on my next book, tentatively entitled, Your Own Personal Spiritual Life Coach. It describes the little things I do to help me understand my dreams, remember past lives, and know some things ahead of time.



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A Past Life Attraction Story

Here’s a story a young woman told me:

She fell madly in love with this young man. He fell in love with her. They were a beautiful young couple. She was sure it would last forever.

However, a number of months after their relationship began she had a dream in which she was dressed like and had the hairdo of a woman in the 1940s and was waving good-bye to her fiance as he went to war. He left on a train from a station in Europe. However, after a year or so, she took up with another young man since the first one had not yet returned from the war. When the first young man returned from the front, he felt broken hearted that she had not waited for him.

In this present lifetime, the young couple are Americans. However, in this life, a number of months after she had the dream, it was the young man who left the young woman breaking her heart.

Is this just retribution? karma? An eye-for-an-eye? Is this how we perfect ourselves from lifetime to lifetime? Is this paying back every mistake we have made, every hurt we have caused? Is this the law of: Sow and ye shall reap?

By the way, as you may have noticed, in past life dreams the people are often dressed in the clothes and have the hairstyles of people in a bygone era. Also, there is usually a strong emotionally component to the dream.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 


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More on Attraction and Past Lives

It gets really complicated when the other person is working on one lifetime and you’re working on another. In that case, if, say the other person is working on a time when he or she was your loving parent, you have the case where one person adores the other person but feels hurt because of being treated poorly, while the other person is angry and expects recompense.

In the end, the real relationship is with Spirit within. If both people do their best to love, forgive, and be of service, the dilemma is solved. The one who feels hurt knows that love in itself is enough because loving is an expression of the soul and the one who is angry learns that resentment hurts them more than the other person. The angry person will feel better if they concentrate on everything they can be grateful for in their life. The loving person will feel better if they expect less in return.

Of course, this is not easy. I realize this is very simplistic, but it is meant to be a simple example of the intricacies of relationships due to the influence of past lives.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 


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Attraction Based on Past Lives

You may feel attracted to someone because you have known them before. However, your experience with them in a previous lifetime may not have been pleasant.

 It’s the same when you see someone and you know you’ve met them before but you’re not sure where or when. However, because you know they’re someone familiar, you may smile at them or even say, “Haven’t I met you before?” and want to get to know them better.

Then, you realize, this is the person who dented the fender of my car in the parking lot and drove away.

Oh, yes, you remember them. In fact, you remember them very well. You’re angry with them. And, you expect them to apologize for what they’ve done to you and pay for the repair of your fender.

 But, they refuse. Now, you hate them.

It can be like that with a person you’ve known before. You feel attracted. However, as you get to know the person better, the full interaction of your previous relationship starts to become apparent.

You don’t have to remember the past life. It’s there in your subconscious.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 


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Relationships and Reincarnation

I occasionally receive emails from readers who are interested in reincarnation because of people they’re drawn to, involved with, or married to.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart because, as you know, if you’ve read When We Were Gods, I first met my husband in a dream. He is literally the “Man of my Dreams.”

Furthermore, when I went to the hypnotherapist to lose weight, a number of past lives surfaced in which I’d been with my present husband. I guess you could say we are soul mates.

Therefore, you’d expect that we have a wonderful relationship. However, to tell you the truth, our relationship is occasionally very difficult.

When I think about the lives we’ve shared in the past, it makes sense. Only one of those experiences had been a great loving relationship.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 


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Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression


While I certainly agree with Dondera that “Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment,” for me, it also turned out to be a fabulous adventure into the amazing world of Atlantis.

When I went to a hypnotherapist for weight control, I ended up remembering my past lives–not only those that led to my present problems with weight–but also the time before death and reincarnation in Atlantis. I wrote about in my experiences in my book When We Were Gods.

I discovered that my problems with weight went way back to the beginning of time.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 

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