Karma and Spiritual Muscle

Today I had lunch with a delightful lady I met when I spoke in Richmond, Virginia. The Cayce people in Richmond have a wonderful group that sponsors a speaker once a month on Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 at the Bel Air Library. Afterwards, those who want to, go out for dinner with the speaker at a nearby restaurant. If you want more information about their events, contact someone at the Regional Outreach section of http://www.edgarcayce.org.

We got on the topic of Karma and the rough things that come up in people’s lives. I said that sometimes when a person is going through a tough time, they wonder what have I done wrong to deserve this? Other people, who may not have as many difficulties in this lifetime, may think they are somehow better than the person with the problems.

However, we both remembered that in Cayce’s psychic readings he said that everyone has had many lifetimes in which they “lost” or made wrong decisions, took the easy path, used people, etc. But, we don’t necessarily take on a lifetime of compensation immediately after that lifetime.

We may coast for a few lifetimes. We may, in fact, take a vacation from working on our soul’s purposes and take on an incarnation in which everything is simple and easy. Then, when we’re ready, we take on a lifetime of challenges to give us the opportunity to strengthen our spiritual mettle. Of course, we may not take the challenge and instead spend our opportunities in self-pity or anger and resentment.

I remembered something I’d read about Mother Theresa. Evidently, she had been touring a leper colony with a visitor. When the visitor saw the diseased bodies of the lepers, the visitor asked something like, “Why do they have to go through this? Why have we been let off so easily?”

Mother Theresa replied that the reason we didn’t have to endure such hardship was because we were not strong enough.

I like that.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Carol Chapman

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