Attraction Based on Past Lives

You may feel attracted to someone because you have known them before. However, your experience with them in a previous lifetime may not have been pleasant.

 It’s the same when you see someone and you know you’ve met them before but you’re not sure where or when. However, because you know they’re someone familiar, you may smile at them or even say, “Haven’t I met you before?” and want to get to know them better.

Then, you realize, this is the person who dented the fender of my car in the parking lot and drove away.

Oh, yes, you remember them. In fact, you remember them very well. You’re angry with them. And, you expect them to apologize for what they’ve done to you and pay for the repair of your fender.

 But, they refuse. Now, you hate them.

It can be like that with a person you’ve known before. You feel attracted. However, as you get to know the person better, the full interaction of your previous relationship starts to become apparent.

You don’t have to remember the past life. It’s there in your subconscious.

© 2007 Carole A. Chapman 


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