More on Attraction and Past Lives

It gets really complicated when the other person is working on one lifetime and you’re working on another. In that case, if, say the other person is working on a time when he or she was your loving parent, you have the case where one person adores the other person but feels hurt because of being treated poorly, while the other person is angry and expects recompense.

In the end, the real relationship is with Spirit within. If both people do their best to love, forgive, and be of service, the dilemma is solved. The one who feels hurt knows that love in itself is enough because loving is an expression of the soul and the one who is angry learns that resentment hurts them more than the other person. The angry person will feel better if they concentrate on everything they can be grateful for in their life. The loving person will feel better if they expect less in return.

Of course, this is not easy. I realize this is very simplistic, but it is meant to be a simple example of the intricacies of relationships due to the influence of past lives.

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