The Lion and the Lamb

     Yesterday in this blog, I mentioned my luncheon with a Richmond, Virginia friend. We also discussed a dream she had. Because I’ve been keeping a dream journal for years . . . and also, because I met my husband first in a dream . . . I am always very interested in people’s dreams.
     This one’s a good one. She said that she had two cats. She leaves a couple of bowls of cat food out on her deck for them. In her dream, a full-grown sheep came up on her deck and began eating the cat food.
     Since “the dream is about the dreamer” usually I asked her what she thought the dream was about. She replied that the first thing that came to her mind was Christ’s request “feed my sheep.”
     I agreed that if it had been my dream, I would have thought the same. Then, since the way you feel about your dream or the way you feel in your dream is important to its understanding, I asked her how she felt about it.
     She said that she felt it was pretty unusual since she lives in the country and is used to a possum or a raccoon coming up on the deck to eat cat food. She’s also seen deer in her yard. But never a sheep.
     This made me think for a little while. Then I said that I liked her dream because it showed me how something could be possible. The Bible says that there will come a time when the lion lays down with the lamb.
     I never saw how that could be possible since a lion would surely devour a lamb. That is, not until her dream. Now, I see that if the lion is a domestic cat and the lamb is a full-grown sheep, the lamb will have nothing to fear.
     Whether this is the correct interpretation of her dream or not, I like the idea of seeing the possibility of the lion laying down with the lamb.
Carol Chapman
© 2007 Carol Chapman

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