A Past Life Attraction Story

Here’s a story a young woman told me:

She fell madly in love with this young man. He fell in love with her. They were a beautiful young couple. She was sure it would last forever.

However, a number of months after their relationship began she had a dream in which she was dressed like and had the hairdo of a woman in the 1940s and was waving good-bye to her fiance as he went to war. He left on a train from a station in Europe. However, after a year or so, she took up with another young man since the first one had not yet returned from the war. When the first young man returned from the front, he felt broken hearted that she had not waited for him.

In this present lifetime, the young couple are Americans. However, in this life, a number of months after she had the dream, it was the young man who left the young woman breaking her heart.

Is this just retribution? karma? An eye-for-an-eye? Is this how we perfect ourselves from lifetime to lifetime? Is this paying back every mistake we have made, every hurt we have caused? Is this the law of: Sow and ye shall reap?

By the way, as you may have noticed, in past life dreams the people are often dressed in the clothes and have the hairstyles of people in a bygone era. Also, there is usually a strong emotionally component to the dream.

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