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Here are more dream interpretations for “crossing a bridge.” By the way, I keep a dream journal and pay especial attention to dream interpretation because I first met my husband in a dream. The story is in my book When We Were Gods.

Here’s more info on “crossing a bridge.” I include links to the dream interpretation articles because I only include a succinct condensation here.

Aunt Fly, which I mentioned yesterday, also says that if you dream of crossing a bridge, “times are going to become hard.”

Uh oh, not too excited about that. Fortunately this is a long article with many different types of bridge-crossing dreams.

Aunt Fly also says that, “Dreaming of a bridge over water means that you are focused on being creative, it is important to work hard, be well-organized and keep busy.” And, as you may guess, since I write books and make movies, I am involved in creative endeavors. The bridge in my dream was over water. I do need to improve my organizational skills!

Take a deeper dive into the marvelous, mysterious world of dream interpretation. I know, there are often so many possibilities for the meanings of a crossing a bridge dream symbol. There are so many different kinds of bridges, different kinds of water, and different kinds of feelings while crossing the bridge. How do you choose which one applies specifically to your life?

That’s why I made the easy, quick Three-step Checklist for Creative Dream Interpretation. For an easy, quick way of learning how to interpret your dreams, including a more efficient way of approaching dream dictionaries, please download the checklist by clicking on this link: https://CarolChapmanLive.com. When you register there, you’ll be on my list, so I can send you emails announcing my occasional live online dream sessions. Happy dreaming!!!

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Josphat mwangi - January 7, 2021

Help me interpret this dream I dreamt crossing a loca bridge with water that I used to cross very easy with no challenges I was with my two daughters age 6 and 2yrs then reaching a quater of the bridge it cracked but we did not drawn in the water I was able to save my two girls I held one with my hand and the other one leg she didn’t touch the water the mother had started crossing it so she managed to get over it I could see her at the end of the bridge she left me to cross with the girls bcoz am a man and she didn’t have the courage to do it. What is the meaning of such a dream

    Carol Chapman - January 7, 2021

    Dear Josphat mwangi, Thanks for sharing your bridge dream. To begin, remember, the dream is about you and your life. Therefore, the best I can do for you is to help you to understand the meaning of some of the symbols in your dream. Second, your dream is not about a bridge. Instead, it is about what a bridge symbolizes, which often is about a relationship, a decision, or a transition you’re going through. In this case, you only make it one quarter of the way across the bridge (relationship, decision, or transition), but your wife makes it all the way across. Is there some decision you’ve made in your relationship that you’re only one quarter invested in? Second, drowning in a dream often refers to “drowning” in emotion, as you would be if you lost your daughters. But, you manage to save them. Third, sometimes, dreams serve as warnings. In other words, the dream images have not occurred. The dream can only be a warning that they may occur if you continue on your present course. Does any of that make sense in light of your present life? By the way, here’s a link to one of my videos that you may find helpful. It’s on the meaning of NOT crossing a bridge in a dream: https://carolchapmanlive.com/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-about-crossing-a-bridge/


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