Bridge Dream Interpretations

A bridge dream usually provide a connection between one thing and another. It could be a connection with where you are and where you want to be. Therefore, the bridge dream will be about a decision you’ve made, usually the day before you had the dream. Or, a bridge dream could also be about a connection between you and another person. Hence, it could refer to a relationship. Often, the bridge dream will tell you about the outcome of your decision or relationship. 

The Dream Talker blog equates bridge dreams with transitioning and connection. Makes sense. Isn’t that what a bridge does? Therefore, crossing the bridge is a transition.

If your dream bridge is crossing a deep ravine and falling off it would be a life and death situation, you may be encountering a similar situation in your life, or the transition you are undergoing may feel like a life and death situation.

I like the reference to a beautiful bridge. This could mean that you’ve found a beautiful way to surmount a chasm in your life.

A burning bridge likely refers to “burning your bridges,” meaning that you’ve cut off all ways of returning to your old way of life.

Take a deeper dive into the marvelous, mysterious world of dream interpretation. I know, there are often so many possibilities for the meanings of a crossing a bridge dream symbol. There are so many different kinds of bridges, different kinds of water, and different kinds of feelings while crossing the bridge. How do you choose which one applies specifically to your life?

That’s why I made the easy, quick Three-step Checklist for Creative Dream Interpretation. For an easy, quick way of learning how to interpret your dreams, including a more efficient way of approaching dream dictionaries, please download the checklist by clicking on this link: When you register there, you’ll be on my list, so I can send you emails announcing my occasional live online dream sessions. Happy dreaming!!!

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