More Dream Interpretation: Crossing a Bridge

I needed to find out about more dream interpretation crossing a bridge meanings. That’s because I dreamed about starting to cross a bridge. Here are a number of dream interpretations I found on the internet. I thought that crossing a bridge meant that the dreamer was in a time of transition, however:

Dream moods says it means that I’m at a critical juncture in my life, about to make a decision that will lead to wealth and success.

I like this interpretation. However, among other things:

Dream Analysis says that it means that I need to reconcile different aspects of myself.

Not as nice an interpretation. However,

Dream Interpretation from the United Kingdom says that if I cross the bridge safely, I will have finally overcome difficulties.

Encouraging. Interestingly:

Aunt Fly says that the bridge stands for the connection between my conscious and subconscious minds. It also says that a bridge in my dream may mean the beginning of an incredible part of my life.

I love that! By the way, all of the above interpretations are very simplistic condensations of the above sites’ articles. That’s why I included the links to the whole articles for you to look up.

Take a deeper dive into the marvelous, mysterious world of dream interpretation. I know, there are often so many possibilities for the meanings of a crossing a bridge dream symbol. There are so many different kinds of bridges, different kinds of water, and different kinds of feelings while crossing the bridge. How do you choose which one applies specifically to your life?

That’s why I made the easy, quick Three-step Checklist for Creative Dream Interpretation. For an easy, quick way of learning how to interpret your dreams, including a more efficient way of approaching dream dictionaries, please download the checklist by clicking on this link: When you register there, you’ll be on my list, so I can send you emails announcing my occasional live online dream sessions. Happy dreaming!!!

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