Five Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

Five Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean include the following types of scariest dreams. They are: falling dreams, dreaming of drowning, your vehicle careens out of control, in a violent thunder storm, and being chased by something or someone that could kill you. Find the dream meanings below in the video:

Two More Common Nightmares and Their Meanings

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Guidance on How to Interpret Your Dreams

It helps to know some aspects of how to interpret your own dreams. That’s because dream meanings cannot reveal the exact meaning of your specific dream, since your dream is specifically about you and your life. Dream dictionaries can only give you a general dream meaning. Therefore, I invite you to download my free 3-Step Creative Dream Interpretation Checklist at this link: Click Here. Or copy and paste the following link into your browser window:

TIMELINE of the Five Common NIGHTMARES and What They Mean Video

To find the dream meaning of each specific type of nightmare, just foreward the video to the times below:

  • 0:00:05 next week: how to minimize the chance of having nightmares
  • 0:00:35 a scary dream about falling
  • 0:00:44 dreaming of drowning
  • 0:01:03 a vehicle that’s careening out of control
  • 0:01:11 a raging storm with wind whipping and storm clouds
  • 0:01:31 being chased by something that could kill you

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